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Watch: Furby Commercial
Watch: My Real Life: My Worst Fashion Mistake
Watch: My Real Life: My Favorite Thing to Do
Watch: Behind the scenes with Melissa (Degrassi Crash Course)
Watch: Season 2 Unscripted Commercial Promo
Watch: Melissa McIntyre Unscripted Commercial Promo
Watch: Melissa McIntyre Unscripted (her apartment, meet her boyfriend)
Watch: Melissa McIntyre Unscripted (Melissa on set)
Watch: Melissa McIntyre Unscripted (Melissa thrifting, recording for the show)
Watch: Melissa's Unscripted Bonus: Beans and Weiners
Watch: Melissa Unscripted Bonus: The Door That Leads To Nowhere
Watch: Melissa Unscripted Bonus: She Likes It Hot
Watch: Melissa Unscripted Bonus: Mall Tour
Watch: Melissa Unscripted Bonus: Morris and the Martini
Watch: Degrassi Tells All: Message In A Bottle
Watch: Degrassi Behind the Scenes: Melissa discusses Jimmy dumping Ashley because of his inscurities. (The Aubrey Graham Show)
Watch: Ultimate Degrassi Party Highlights
Watch: On Top of the World - Ultimate Degrassi Party
Watch: Degrassi Cast Sings The Theme Song
Watch: Melissa's exclusive interview with CW
Watch: Melissa at the Randolph Fair