Season 2 | Locker leans, Craig askes Ashley to the school dance, and some of their other innocent moments as well as some of the angsty ones as Ashley struggles to feel comfortable in her own skin and Craig finds it hard to come to terms with his father's passing.

Season 3 | The season of the infamous love triangle. Clips from Should I Stay or Should I Go?, Holiday, and much more. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. How many times do I have to say it?" "Until you mean it!" How many times can you watch the angsty artists duke it out in Rock 'N Roll High School?

Season 4 | Craig finally redeems himself in Ghost In The Machine, but there's always twists and turns for Crash. This was the season where Craig was diagnosed bipolar and that brought on a new series of struggles for the powercouple.

Season 7 | After seasons of love drama and identity crises, Craig and Ashley finally seem to be coming into their own. See them perform together at a concert at Smithdale University.

Season 8 | The future of Crash has yet to be revealed but we'll always be fans of the powercouple Craig and Ashley.

Minis | We finally have some minis to enjoy! See Craig and Ashley in the very special "What If...Craig Married Ashley?" as well as some appearences in other minis.

Jake and Melissa | See them host "Crash Course," "Countdown to Degrassi," and appear in Pat's behind the scenes video. Check it out, there's much more.

Jake Epstein | A grab bag of goodies like his appearance on Girls V. Boys, Radio Free Roscoe, Degrassi In Kenya, and much more.

Melissa McIntyre | Check out her unscripted and in other specials that have aired on The-N.

Old School TNG | Watch old promos that used to air on The-N from the early seasons of Degrassi: TNG. I'm fairly certain the majority of these have never aired on the popular video hosting sites.

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