Feeling unsatisfied with the show? Think you could do better? That's what fan fiction is for.

Craig and Ashley | A collection of fan ficiton that is featured on

Craig Manning | In the mood for a dose of angst that only Craig Manning can produce? Check out his page for a list of fics ranging from the abuse he suffered at his father's hand to an affair with his photography teacher.

Ashley Kerwin | Ash isn't as popular as Craig in the fan fiction world, but there is a couple stories with her in the lead that you should check out.

Non-Crash Personal Recommendations:

Let Them Eat Cake - The hilariously miserable life of Craig Manning. Webmaster's Note: If you read just one fan fiction in your life, it should be this gem.

23 Rolls of Film - What would have happened if Sean hadn't tried to talk Craig out of running away? What if he'd gone with him? (slash CraigSean) Webmaster Says: Craig/Sean is the best kept secret of Degrassi.

Rosso Knows - The Freaks and Geeks counsellor never had it so tough. Birthday wishes for a friend. Webmaster Says: Rosso should've made the crossover to Degrassi, not Kevin Smith.

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