Craig and Ashley | Craig Manning | Ashley Kerwin

Into A Bottle - Ash is unable to deal with Craigs recent heartbreak, and turns to alcohol. Only, when she's caught, the consquences are more then she expected.

Lovely Addiction - Upon returning from London, Ashley finds herself immersed in the contents of small baggies, unable and afraid to spend a day without their comfort. As her drug addiction spirals out of control, can anyone bring her back from the edge?

Ashes to Ashes - Ashley contemplates the changes from 8th to 9th grade, her drug experiences, Craig and Jimmy and Paige. author is currently active

Kate - Ashley's mom sympathizes with her when she's all depressed in season 3 because of Craig and Manny. author is currently active

Stepsons Girlfriend - Joey is alarmed to discover that he is attracted to Ashley. complete

Shooting Day - Ashley visits Terri on the day Rick shot Jimmy. author is currently active.