Ashley has kind of a hard time on Degrassi this season. She's changing, but it's still the same old Melissa playing her. So is it tough for Melissa to deal with the new Ash? Nah, she never really related to her anyway. Or at least that's what she told some users when they asked about her real life...

Melissa McIntyre stars as Ashley on Degrassi

ladybug88: How old are you?
Melissa: I turned 16 in the spring.

hypergurl7: How did you get into acting?
Melissa: I auditioned for a community theatre musical because I would get to sing on stage, and everything sort of went from there.

Kittypaw: What type of music do you like, and what are your hobbies?
Melissa: My hobbies are acting (obviously!), visual arts, songwriting, and -- most of all -- singing. I listen to pretty much everything, but I sing bluesy-jazzy stuff.

Alvin: What sports do you play?
Melissa: I LOVE volleyball, but I can't stand to watch ANY sport on TV.

Ashanti626: Do you have a boyfriend?
Melissa: No, not at the moment.

CountriQT: How do you feel about your character? Do you wish she could be different?
Melissa: I think Ashley is a great character, although she is easily pressured and often strays from her values. I don't wish she could be different, because I think Ashley's faults make her interesting...and human.

hypergurl7: Do you get along with everyone else in the cast?
Melissa: Absolutely! I love the fact that we're all friends!

kaceypaige: Do you get angry on set when you're acting and you make a mistake, or when someone else makes a mistake?
Melissa: Not at all.

lildevil08: Do you relate to the things that happen on the show? What specifically?
Melissa: I haven't really related to any of the situations Ashley has encountered.

sofia9922: Has your life changed by making this series?
Melissa: Yes and no. I still have my 'normal' life at home and at school with my friends, but I have a totally different life outside of that.

lildevil08: What do you like most about being on the show?
Melissa: It's amazing! The making of the shot, the people you work with and seeing yourself on TV make it such an unforgettable experience.

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