Craig: Oh Joey, remember Ashley? The bad influence?
Ashley: It was burning a hole in your pocket. I was trying to help!
Craig: Well uh she MADE me do this!
Ashley: Did not!
-Ghost In the Machine

Jimmy: Just like I imagine that you and Ashley won't just be friends for long either.
-Neutron Dance

Ashley: So what do you think?
Craig: I think you're brilliant!!
Ashley: Your song is brilliant.
-Neutron Dance

Ashley: Look, I’m nervous too. But I mean you’ll be there and all I have to do is look over at you and I'll be fine. So, you wanted to tell me something?
-Neutron Dance

Craig: Everything okay? *holds up his phone* Your uh, your text was all in caps.
Ashley: Yeah I just, I figured we should talk before rehearsal, about yesterday.
Craig: Right. Okay. Well it sort of took me by surprise.
Ashley: Yeah join the club.
Craig: So you're confused too?
Ashley: You know maybe we were just uh, reaching for something familiar. Given Jimmy, everything that's happened.
Craig: Oh, never thought of that.
Ashley: We have been doing great as friends right?
Craig: Right and who'd wanna screw that up?
Ashley: Yeah, who would?
Craig: Good. Great. Good. I'm glad we got that settled.
Ashley: Yeah well at least we still have the band.
Craig: Yeah.
-Neutron Dance

Ashley: Hey. If you think you’re just gonna walk away.
*She pulls him back and kisses him*
Ashley: So um. Do you think we can uh...
Craig: Yeah. Yeah I do.
Ashley: So do I.
-Neutron Dance

Craig: I like airports.
People saying hellos, goodbyes, I love yous…
Ashley: Did you just-?
Craig: I only say it at airports!
-Voices Carry

Ashley: Craig and I are back together.
That's it. I'm really happy.
-Voices Carry

Craig: Look. I hurt Ashley and the fact that she's even willing to look at me, I'm not screwing that up again. So you can flirt with me and people can say whatever but the fact is I love your niece.
Ashley: Thought you only said that at airports?
Craig: I'm not staying here long. I just came to give you this. It's a hotel room key. It's for later. If you need a place to go.
-Voices Carry

Ashley: Thank you so much for doing this.
Craig: I love you.
Ashley: And thank you so much for saying that. Perfect I love you too.
-Voices Carry

Ashley: I'm sorry. I'm happy really, just I don't knowoverwhelmed. Keep talking please.
Craig: Okay, let's just uh, let's just take off. Get an apartment. Anywhere. Vancouver.
-Voices Carry

Craig: But I’m your Craig.
Ashley: Yeah you are and you know what, you’re just as important to me as he is. So get dressed. You’re coming with me.
-Voices Carry

Mrs. Kerwin: Craig broke my daughter's heart.
Ashley: And I forgave him.
Mrs. Kerwin: Ashley I feel like we just put you back together again.
Ashley: Look mom. I'm really happy so you're just gonna have to be happy for me.
-Voices Carry

Craig: This is amazing.
Ashley: I know.
Craig: I want to bottle this. Get drunk on it for the rest of my life.
Ashley: I so, so love you.
-Voices Carry

Craig: Yeah we’re back together. Ash and me. Me and Ash. What was I thinking before? Cheating on her with Manny. Why’d I do that?
Caitlin: People make mistakes.
Craig: Never ever, ever, ever, ever again.
-Voices Carry

Ashley: It's a ring.
Craig: Yeah um, it was my mothers.
Ashley: So it's your mothers ring.
-Voices Carry

Craig: I must have had the ringer off. I couldn’t really sleep.
Ashley: You, you need me there with you.
-Voices Carry

Ashley: I, I can't marry you yet. But I want to. I do.
Craig: So that's a someday?
Ashley: That's a yes.
-Voices Carry

Craig: You are everything Ash!
-Voices Carry

Ashley: But you're okay?
Craig: I'm crazy Ash.
Ashley: You're not crazy.
Craig: Maybe you should go.
Ashley: I don't want to. I'm not leaving Craig.
Craig: The first time we dated was a disaster. This time was a nuclear.
Ashley: We're not over.
Craig: So you're here with me?
Ashley: Absolutely.
-Voices Carry

Ellie: She cares about you. A lot.
Craig: I know.
-Secret Part 1

Craig: Ash. I wanna be your boyfriend.
Ashley: Of course. We went through this a couple months ago remember?
Craig: I want to be that boyfriend not the oooohh, not the crazy guy you got to save all the time. I want to talk about music and movies and yes, goulash!
-Secret Part 1

Through the mud and the dirt
All the tears and the hurt
It seared and it burned, and I cried
Through the mud and the dirt
All the tears and the hurt
It seared and it burned, and I died
There was nothing at all
No, nothing at all
There was only a dream of you (only a dream of you)
There was nothing at all
No, nothing at all
Till your promise exploded through
-West End Girls

Craig: We rocked the place out!
Ashley: Did you just say rocked out?
Craig: Hey no lip or I'll smother you in sweat.
Ashley: I'm gonna miss you so much.
Craig: But, the show went really great!
Ashley: There was a moment up there when I just thought to myself I have nothing left to prove. I'm ready to go to England and try some new things.
Craig: Alright.
Ashley: You know I've wanted to go since I was a kid.
Craig: Since you saw Mary Poppins, I know. It's great, it's really great.
-West End Girls

Craig: Hey! What you got in here?
Ashley: Every shoe I own. Hey. *They kiss* You know I thought this whole goodbye thing was gonna be so hard. I'm so glad you're here and you surprised me.
-Goin' Down the Road