Ashley: Just love all those curls.
Craig: You like my curls?
Ashley: Yeah.
Craig: No, I like your hair better.
Ashley: Yours is better.
Craig: No, I like yours better.
Ashley: Yours is better.
Craig: I like you.
Ashley: I like you
-Father Figure

Craig: Okay so I'm thinking we put Ang to bed at eight. Joey won't get back until like at least midnight and uh we've got the house pretty much to ourselves.
Ashley: Missing the beach not so bad after all!

Marco: Look Craig you obviously love Ash, okay? So just tell her already. I mean it's stupid.
Craig: It's not! Look I don't want to lose her. I just, I can't. I can't just tell her.
Marco: Well if you don't, then you've lost her already.
-Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Something 'bout the way you shine
And when the lights go out
I wanna make you mine
Somethin bout the way it seems
You're always here, in my dreams
When there's noone there no I'm not scared
But I'm in love
With you
-Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Ashley: Do you want to stay over?
Craig: What?
Ashley: Tonight after everybody leaves. Us, some music, my bed.
Craig: Are you serious?
Ashley: Completely.
-Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Ashley: Look I know what you meant about this not being easy and if you'd be willing to give me one more chance.
Craig: You want me back?
Ashley: More than anything. Thank you so much. I love you.
Craig: I love you.
-Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Craig: I'm gonna miss you this weekend. No flirting with, uh, you know, Montreal boys, okay?
Ashley: I'm taking Ellie for some R&R. She's had a hard time and she's definitely not shopping for guys and neither am I, 'cause I've got the cutest one there is.
-Against All Odds

Ashley: I know it looks a bit beaten up, butÖopen it. Come on. It was my grandfatherís. He played it back in the 40s with ???. He left it to me and now I want you to have it.
Craig: This is incredible.
Ashley: WellÖitís because youíre incredible and youíve had such a hard year; you deserve it.

You're every present I never got.
You're every wish that never came true.
You're every prayer that went unanswered.
So, baby I'll spend Christmas with you.
With you.
So, baby I'll spend Christmas with you.

Craig: Ashley! Wait, listen. I've been thinking about things between us and I respect you too much for things to keep going on like this. And you're not shouting at me. I'm gonna take that as a good sign.
- Rock and Roll High School

I donít know if youíll forgive me
for being so blind to how you felt.
Donít ask me why I couldnít see it
and that itíd take me years to figure out.
And thatís not something I know much about,
but thereís only one way to find out.
What I know is that I hurt you oh,
what I know is that I sucked
and what I know is that Iím sorry.
What I know is that Iím a loser
and yeah what I know is that I screwed up
and then I never earned your trust.
What I know is that everything I touch just turns to dust.
-Rock 'n Roll High School

Ashley: ...And Craig nice lyrics. They were just right.
Craig: Thanks.
-Rock 'n Roll High School