The-Seth from The-N.com reported in June 2004 that this was in the script for When Doves Cry. The scene takes place on Craig's first day at Degrassi:
Craig: Degrassi's not too bad. Pretty strong in the ladies department. [points to Ashley] What's her story?
Sean: Complicated. Keep looking.
Craig: [points to Emma] What about her? Complicated too?
Sean: More complicated than algebra. She's my ex.

Joey: What are you all dressed up for?
Craig: A date. My first.
Joey: Hey congratulations! So you finally asked that Ashley girl out?
- Take My Breath Away

Craig: What if we show that? And play it for what's really going on...or not?
Ashley: No, totally. I'm just so glad we're on the same page.
Craig: Yeah. Kwan's gonna regret pairing us.
-Dressed In Black

Craig: Because if he really loved Kate, he wouldn't want to change her. He'd love her for who she is.
-Dressed in Black

Craig: You ready?
Ashley: Yeah. For real.
-Dressed in Black

Craig: So. The year end dance, are you going?
Ashley: Uh, I'm on the comittee, remember?
Craig: No, I meant, with anyone.
Ashley: Oh...no.
Craig: Me neither. Should we go together?
Ashley: Yeah, we should.
-Tears Are Not Enough

Ashley: Is everything okay?
Craig: Yeah.
Ashley: It's just the exams?
Craig: I wish that was it.
Ashley: Your dad huh? You two don't have the best relationship?
Craig: Uh, no. Sorry. We talk on the phone once in awhile. Yesterday was the first time I've seen him in months.
Ashley: People can change.
Craig: I guess.
-Tears Are Not Enough

Dr. Manning: Life's not fair and you're right Joey is better for you. This way you can kiss your potential goodbye, settle for some interesting little goth girl-
Craig: Don't talk about Ashley like that!
-Tears Are Not Enough

Ashley: I just wish I could do something for him you know?
Terri: You can't, not really. I know firsthand. My mom, remember?
Ashley: I know, but I'm gonna try.
-Tears Are Not Enough

Craig: Hey save the film for tonight when Ash and I win the luau crown.
Ashley: You put us in the contest?!
Craig: Yeah this is our night. Everyone’s gonna know it.
-Tears Are Not Enough

Craig: Goth luau, cool.
Ashley: I thought it'd set us apart.
Craig: And you know keep your dignity intact, until we start to limbo of course.
-Tears Are Not Enough

Craig: Going somewhere?
Ashley: Are you?
Craig: Soon. I’m gonna go home. I think we owe everyone a dance.
*He takes her hand and they start walking to the dance floor*
Craig: You can ask.
*They start dancing*
Ashley: Ask what?
Craig: How I’m doing. I won’t go psycho.
Ashley: How are you doing Craig?
Craig: Better.
-Tears Are Not Enough