Melissa McIntyre mention in an interview with Dan Woods

On the Season 3 DVDs, there’s a deleted scene from the TNG episode “Take On Me” (the Breakfast Club parody) that shows you getting hot and heavy with Ms. Hatzilakos (Melissa DiMarco). You’ve got to be annoyed that this scene was left out of the episode. Why do you think it was cut? Is it because it was too hot for TV, or because it would have finally given us definitive proof that Raditch is not gay?

That scene is on the DVD? Really? Damn, I’ve got to pick up a copy! I’m not certain why it was cut. I gave that scene everything I had. Just ask Melissa! That was my one and only onscreen kiss! Not a bad way to start, eh? I think I did it so well that Melissa hasn’t had another one since. Grrrr, baby!

Actually, we did play around with Raditch’s sexuality over the years. When I was on set for the first day of TNG, the props department had placed a picture of a woman and some kids on the desk, and I asked them to take them down. We blatantly played around with the possibility of him being gay. I’m not sure how the Speed Channel audience would have reacted to that.

In one episode, the father of one of the kids announced that he was gay. Melissa (McIntyre, who played Ashley) had no idea, and it made her question her judgment of people. When she’s sent to my office, I’m in the middle of having lunch at my desk, which was laid out in a very prissy manner with dollies, fine china for tea, etc. Bruce (McDonald, the director) had them put a number of sexually ambiguous items in the office to add to her confusion. There was a rainbow pen in the pen holder, and a photo of me dressed in fishing gear with my arm around another man. It could all have been very innocent... or not!

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Posted on 28 Jan 2010 by Nicole
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