The Past, Present, and Future of Jake Epstein, the Degrassi Icon
Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Jake Lee Epstein a musician of sorts along with being a well-known actor, began his lifestyle within the acting realm. His acting career shot right up, from the local Royal Alex Theatre, his favorite role being "Artful Dodger," in "Oliver". Later on down the line, he managed to direct his own play "The Dead and the Rooster," in 2003. Since the beginning, Jake has been extremely successful in landing numerous TV roles, from hit series down to feature full length films. His best known role was as Craig Manning from the hit series Degrassi The Next Generation. Jake admires, his parents, along with his musical influences, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and absolutely loves chocolate. Aside from acting being a major role, he spends most of his time doing what he enjoyed the most, creating/playing music. He’s played in a handful of various bands, building up the momentum to get his musical career up the musical scale as far as it’ll go. I recently had the chance to speak to the well known icon about his current lifestyle, musical plans, and acting high lights.

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Edit: This interview was most likely not done with Jake himself. Sorry to break the bad news.
Posted on 08 Aug 2009 by Nicole
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