Jake Epstein Interview - Charlie Brown’s back in town / Review of DSG
The Dog Sees God storyline centres on CB’s experience with losing his dog to rabies and questioning whether there is, in fact, an afterlife.

The time of grief and doubt is initially compounded by the fact that CB can’t count on the people closest to him, as they are all grappling with their own, very real teenage issues, including drug problems, the search for self and eating disorders.

But he connects with an old, forgotten friend and their relationship is central to the plot.

“Every teenager can relate to the issues discussed in this play,” says Epstein, 22.

“The play raises awareness of these issues, but doesn’t ‘preach’ any message. It lets teenagers know that yes, it is really hard being a teenager, and that as a teenager, you’re not alone on these issues…I’m hoping teenagers that come will see how theatre can be relevant, funny, dark and moving.”

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Also, a review of Dog Sees God can be found at TheStar.com:

Jake Epstein is brilliant as CB, a bunch of nerve endings searching for a place to settle. Epstein is so beautifully open and honest that you go with him on every step of his journey.

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Posted on 26 Mar 2009 by Nicole
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