Season 6 Screen Caps / Fan Made Extras

Working on getting season 6 caps up! Much thanks goes out to Joa of Sean and Ellie Online for taking the time to donate them. What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost is on my mind lately and hopefully I can return the favor to her.

Hopefully something happens for us in Season 8, but if it doesn't, we'll always have happy Crash memories and can keep our faith alive with fan art and fan fics. I've added some new Craig fan fiction to the ever growing list and a few new ones on the Crash list. A lot of the authors are active, so if you like something of theirs please let them know. I'm a fanfic writer myself (What Was Left Unsaid) and I know how inspiring they are.

As for icons, starsprite (Jen), lalatina15 (Joa of the Sean/Ellie site) and I have recently made some. You can find mine here. Jen's Crash icon dump 1, 2, 3. Joa's can be found here. NoRegrets also donated some after our special mini and they are here.

Some music videos have also been added to our collection. If I've missed yours, please feel free to let us all know!
Posted on 06 Nov 2008 by Nicole
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