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So last week there was a Degrassi Orientation Week at The Dot in vSide. Some of the cast members stopped by to chat. As usual, I had to ask about Crash because, well, is my mind ever far from thoughts about the powercouple?

In the chat bubble at vSide:
kaleidocat: Aislinn and Melinda, are you a fan of the Degrassi couple Craig and Ashley at all?
Melinda_Shankar_Degrassi: yess ! they were on my top list

kaleidocat: Action, you better work on getting me some Craig and Ashley sometime or you are going to have Crash fans outside of the studio with pitchforks and torches. =P
Action: I loves me some Crash also!
kaleidocat: We are convinced the whole cast and crew loves Crash.
Action: You'd be pretty close to the mark.

And someone asked Dalmar (Danny) and Samantha (Anya) if they were for Crash and Cranny and this was their verbal responses:
Ling: Manny and Craig or Ashley and Craig? What are the nicknames for them Action?
Action: Crash and Cranny.
Dalmar: Crash sounds cooler.
Samantha: Yeah Crash sounds cooler, it's got to be it guys.
Action: What I'm wondering is where is Crellie in all of this.
Ling: Because that didn't really happen. That was just a mad crush.
Dalmar: So the question is if I like Crash or Cranny...I think I'm going to go with Crash because I think a lot of people out there are for that.
Action: I am for that. A lot of the people here are for that.
Dalmar: And I'm supporting the people.

Sean and Ellie Online is currently supporting a petition for their couple of choice, so if you are a fan of Sellie, please sign it. While I was there I had to check for anything Crash and look what I stumbled upon? Remember those days? smile

For everything Season 8, be sure to check out the speculation and spoiler thread at Fan Forum. We have the most up to date info right at your fingertips! For promos, there's always ACESonline.
Posted on 28 Sep 2008 by Nicole
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