Media Related To Jake Epstein Added / Update From The Exec

A lot of new media added! Jake Epstein is currently in Dangerous Liaisons at The Segal Centre, for more info check out the article here. There is a video promotion of the play and I've added that here (or you can watch it at the site) and screen caps to the gallery. The Etalk special has also been capped and added to the gallery and I've put up a clip of Jake and Lauren on her favorite things Degrass here. There's also been some promotional images of Jake in Cinderella and Dangerous Liaisons in the gallery. Thanks to Kimberlli2 for the photo of the cast at the Etalk special for Linda. Thanks again Dream943 for the Etalk special with Linda!

For fan related media, I've updated the fan fiction list (mainly Craig-related fics) and the fan made video section.

And what's up for Craig and/or Ashley in Season 8? On August 30th 2008, the Exec reported that "Tuesday we start shooting the four-part special episodes, that will also be combined together and versioned as a two-hour movie... as already reported on some sites, it will be Hollywood-themed, and will feature Paige, Manny, Jay, Craig, Ellie, Marco, Peter, Mia, Emma, alongside many other members of the cast... as well as featuring some very interesting additional actors..."

For everything season 8 be sure to check out ACESonline. My sister site - Sean and Ellie Online - and I do our best to get promos to you ASAP.
Posted on 15 Sep 2008 by Nicole
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