Operation We Want Crash in Season 8!

Currently over at the angsty artists on fan forum, we are planning on a special project to send to the executive producer. We just want to let him, Jake, and Melissa know how much we appreciated the direction Crash took in Season 7 and let them know how much this couple means to us. The current plan is to create Crash's first collaborative CD cover/insert art. Manipulations of them in concert together will be included and I'm working with two other artists on the CD design so I'm sure it will be amazing. Inside this CD booklet, we'd like to include suggestions of what you would like to see happen in season 8. Please do a little gush about how much Crash means to you as well. This doesn't have to be lengthy as there probably won't be enough space. So please give a shout out here in my comments. We can hope for a plot line in Season 8 but if we don't get that, at least Jake and Melissa will know how memorable they've made this couple for us.

Ideally this project would go out by the end of the month so please comment soon! I'll let you see the final project when it's done! smile
Posted on 07 May 2008 by Nicole
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