Media Related To Jake Epstein Added / Update From The Exec

A lot of new media added! Jake Epstein is currently in Dangerous Liaisons at The Segal Centre, for more info check out the article here. There is a video promotion of the play and I've added that here (or you can watch it at the site) and screen caps to the gallery. The Etalk special has also been capped and added to the gallery and I've put up a clip of Jake and Lauren on her favorite things Degrass here. There's also been some promotional images of Jake in Cinderella and Dangerous Liaisons in the gallery. Thanks to Kimberlli2 for the photo of the cast at the Etalk special for Linda. Thanks again Dream943 for the Etalk special with Linda!

For fan related media, I've updated the fan fiction list (mainly Craig-related fics) and the fan made video section.

And what's up for Craig and/or Ashley in Season 8? On August 30th 2008, the Exec reported that "Tuesday we start shooting the four-part special episodes, that will also be combined together and versioned as a two-hour movie... as already reported on some sites, it will be Hollywood-themed, and will feature Paige, Manny, Jay, Craig, Ellie, Marco, Peter, Mia, Emma, alongside many other members of the cast... as well as featuring some very interesting additional actors..."

For everything season 8 be sure to check out ACESonline. My sister site - Sean and Ellie Online - and I do our best to get promos to you ASAP.
Posted on 15 Sep 2008 by Nicole
Media Items Added From The "Pirate" Mini
Screen caps from "Pirates of the Cafeteribbean" aka "What if Degrassi Characters were Pirates?" have been added to the gallery. I've also added the video here. Just want to watch the hilarious pirate!Crash? Me too. That's why I made a special clip just of them.

I've also updated the song featured on the music player here at so everyone can listen to "I'm in Love (Shine)" while they surf the site. It will also be added to the music myspace shortly so you all can add the song to your profile or download it.
Posted on 19 Aug 2008 by Nicole
Crash Mini Goodies! / A Thank You
As I'm sure all you Crash fans know, the minis were chock full of Crash-y amazingness! So that means a big update for the site. There's screen caps in the gallery, video, and audio captures. The "What if Degrassi Characters Were Pirates?" mini is not up on The-Click yet so video and screen captures at a later date. If you prefer to watch the minis on youtube, you can find them here at ACESonline.

I'd just like to thank the fans for voting for the mini and everyone involved in the show that played a part in making it happen. I was talking to another Crash fan last night about how surreal it is that about a year ago, we were celebrating Crash with wedding image manipulations and planning every small detail of the ceremony as a tribute to Crash and now we've got a mini that implies they actually did get married. It's all come full circle and as a fan, it's been such a special experience. I'm sure to some people we are kind of a silly group and sometimes I surprise myself with my fangirlyness but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll always remember this show and how special Craig and Ashley were to me. I know other fans who feel the same way. Thanks to the exec, the writers, and especially Jake and Melissa for breathing life into Crash and making them what they are.
Posted on 17 Aug 2008 by Nicole
Melissa McIntyre Fan Photos

A few snapshots of Melissa at the Brea Mall tour have been added to the gallery. Special thanks to Sabrina for taking the time to get these to me. Times are slow here at so I appreciate anything that comes my way. Hopefully the airing of the What if...Craig DID marry Ashley on August 15th will bring us some video and screen captures. And keep your fingers crossed for a certain online fan event involving Melissa and Jake. wink
Posted on 03 Aug 2008 by Nicole

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