Fan Extras / Paradise City Spoilers
New featured fan media here on the side panel and a nifty new feature so you can keep up with Jake Epstein's many new projects.

We've got a new fansite affiliate on board - romantic nemesis Cranny. tongue They will be returning to the interwebs soon, I'm told. So if they are your cup of tea, head on other there.

For the Crash fans; I've added a few new Craig & Ashley fan fics and some new videos. Slight tweak to the Craig fan fiction section to accommodate the regular fanfic writers who frequently are writing angsty stories.

And now for spoilers regarding Paradise City, click the read more link below.
Posted on 04 Feb 2009 by Nicole
vSide news / Jake Epstein autographed CD
On Decemeber 23rd 2008, Action and Ling hosted a Degrassi Listening party on vSide where we previewed the album and listened to them chat a little bit about what the cast is up to lately. Here's some excerpts:

Degrassi Listening Party - Action on chatting with Jake about the Cindrella musical

Degrassi Listening Party - Action promotes Dog Sees God

Degrassi Listening Party - The rapid-fire Degrassi trivia round

The winners of the rapid fire trivia round recieved a copy of the new Degrassi Soundtrack. As a bonus, it was autographed by Jake Epstein. I was one of the five of the vSide winners. Some scans have been added to the gallery.

Posted on 18 Jan 2009 by Nicole
Cinderella Promos

Some promotional photos of Jake in Cinderella: The Sillylicious Family Musical have been added to the gallery. Check out for more information. I've heard nothing but good things about it so if you are in the area, check it out!
Posted on 27 Dec 2008 by Nicole
Jake spotted filming an episode for Degrassi: TNG
Jake has been spotted filming a scene for the Degrassi movie aka the episode Paradise City. He was on location at Venice Beach for the "special" Degrassi episodes that are Hollywood based.

See larger images in the gallery and read more at the source.

No sign of Ashley, but as my sister site Sean & Ellie Online says BREATHE! This doesn't mean a hook-up. Our couples might still be safe. After all, would they want to break our hearts again over a couple they know is a fan favorite?
Posted on 11 Dec 2008 by Nicole

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