Audio of Jake Epstein in Spring Awakening related performances

I've added a new page to It's going to be the page that lists all the audio captures I have found of Jake as Melchior while he tours with the rest of the cast of Spring Awakening. MP3 format, typically, and their respective original YouTube video is listed along side it. Check it out here (or navigate by clicking on Media - Audio - Spring Awakening).

Also included is a master of Jake's performance on 7-22-09. Much thanks to galindarielle for hooking me up and letting me spread the love of theater. Enjoy!

A few more updates spread out over next week and then I should be all caught up!
Posted on 28 Sep 2009 by Nicole
Jake with the rest of the Spring Awakening cast at the Apple Store in Chicago 8-11-09
Posted on 24 Sep 2009 by Nicole
Epstein's Appearance on Much On Demand 8-27-09

Uploaded by Degrassi-Fans.Com.

A few promotional shots of Jake and the rest of the Degrassi guest stars on the August 27th, 2009 episode of Much On Demand have been added to the gallery here. Watermark intact of course, copyright infringement is not intended. Further back in the album is a few screen captures I snagged from the streaming video.
Posted on 22 Sep 2009 by Nicole
Degrassi Goes Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere Imagery / Jake's future on Degrassi
Is this it? Jake discusses his future on Degrassi with
As for Epstein, who only did a few guest roles the past few seasons due to his commitment to school, he’s not sure if the movie marks his swan song for Degrassi.

“You just never know,” he said. “It would depend on the circumstance and availability. I love the folks at Degrassi and since it opened so many doors for me, I never want to totally close them.”

read more at the source.

Hopefully that circumstance includes a plot with Ashley! The fans miss our Crash dearly.

Screen captures from Etalk & ET Canada at the Degrassi Goes Hollywood red carpet premiere have been added to the gallery. Check out shots of Jake being interviewed by Etalk here and by ET Canada here. If you haven't caught the video on YouTube yet, you can watch it at the fabulous channel run by Etalk Interviews the cast of Degrassi Goes Hollywood at the premiere and ET Canada takes their turn chatting with the cast on the red carpet.

Also a few screen shots of Zack-Taylor.Ca interviewing Jake on the red carpet can be found in the gallery here. You can watch the video here

Promotional stills featuring Epstein at the red carpet have been added here to the gallery.

And saving the best for last: Jake Epstein shouts out to and myself personally. Jake, you rock! xxoo, Nicole.

I still can't believe that Erin of and Joa of did this! Thank you so much for remembering me. You girls are too sweet! I'm so thankful for the fans that Degrassi has brought into my life. I wouldn't know you otherwise.
Posted on 21 Sep 2009 by Nicole

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