How similar are you to the character you play?:
We have a lot of similarities, but Ashley is a lot more introverted than I am. She needs to learn to relax and live a little

Who would be the 5 people (living, dead or fictional) you would invite to have dinner with you? :
Oscar Wilde, Johnny Depp, Michael Moore and my two closest friends Ashley and Nina

Fave karaoke song:
I have no idea, maybe something jazz?

Do you have any pets?:
A lop-eared dwarf rabbit named Harold. I've had him for about 5 years and he's very sweet

What do you do to unwind and avoid stress?:
Singing is the best release for me. Plus, nothing helps to release stress like some good Tae-Boxing classes

Best beauty tip or health advice:

Drink lots of milk (I'm a milk fiend myself), get plenty of exercise and sleep, and waterproof mascara is your best friend

What is your fave item of clothing? :

My baggy cargo pants or my leather boots

Fave subject at school:
Right now, history. But I love English and Law a lot too

What TV or movie character do you wish you could have played? :

Velma Kelley in "Chicago"

When did you decide you wanted to be an actor? What influenced your decision?:

I haven't actually decided that yet. Singing is my biggest passion and as much as I'd love to do both, if I had to choose, I'd pick singing. Musical theatre is the ideal thing for me

Is there anything you would NOT do in your acting career?:
I don't think I'd ever do a nude scene (which I'm sure my dad is happy about). I'm also really scared of getting too commercial

Complete this sentence: If I wasn't an actor I would be:

A singer

Most embarrassing moment:

We were doing a shoot with a hockey player (who will remain nameless). He told a lame joke and in my nervous excitement I burst out laughing, only to find that I was the only one who laughed and that everyone was awkwardly staring at me

Cellphone tune:
It's called "Semper Fedelis"

Britney, Beyonce, Christina and Mandy are all in the ring - who's the last one standing? :

Christina, no doubt. She's amazing! what a voice

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?:
My hair I miss my long hair

Shoe size:

Tips for charming someone you are crushing on:
Be yourself: don't be afraid to be weird deep down, everyone else is too

What is the most romantic thing that anyone has done for you? (or you have done?) :
It's the little things, like buying me a Bingo ticket, or complimenting me that are the nicest. Big romantic gestures can be cheesy and unnatural

Fave thing to do with friends:
Go to the movies, go shopping normal relaxed stuff

Fave ice-cream flavor:

Definitely strawberry

Personal philosophy:

"Carpe Diem" seize the day

Any cool new projects or plans you want to tell us about?
I'm finally moving out on my own it's REALLY exciting !