Height: 5' 8"
Eyes: Blue/grey/green-- they change
Hair: Brown/red
Personal Style: Changes every day!
Signature Scent: Changes daily too, but I love Chance by Chanel, Capteur de Reves by Lise Watier and Beautiful by Estee Lauder
Dating Status: Have a boyfriend
Best Quality: Spontaneous
Worst Habit: impulsive
In Your CD Player: Jazz or maybe India Arie or System of a Down
Her Type Of Guy: Hot but not pretty, good sense of humour, smart, easy-going
Hobbies: Singing, any form of art
Favorite Acting Job:
Playing Mary Lennox in "The Secret Garden"
Fave Band: I can't decide-- I like all kinds of music
Fave Movie: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Fave TV Show: Will & Grace
Fave Actor: Daniel Day Lewis- incredible in Gangs of New York, Johnny Depp and Ed Norton
Fave Actress: Nicole Kidman
Favorite Junk food: Real fruits
Favorite Way To Spend A Saturday: Shopping
Perfect First Date: Just hanging out-- very relaxed
My Hero/Inspirations: I haven't come across anyone worthy of that title yet, except maybe my best friend. She's always there when I need her
Celebrity Crush: Ed Norton, but I have a million more
Dream Car: Cadillac Escalade- I love SUVs
Dream Vacation: Going back to Italy

Source: Degrassi.TV