Name or character in Degrassi: Craig Manning
Real Name:  Jake Epstein
Age now:  17
Best experience at elementary school:  Being named valedictorian of my graduating class
Favourite book:  My favourite book in public school was Clara’s War.  Coincidentally, it was written my author mother, who wrote about someone’s experience surviving a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia.  If you haven’t bought it yet, it’s quite the good read.
Favourite subject:  English and drama have always been my favourite subjects because I love telling stories.
Favourite lunch bag food:  The classic salami sandwich was a fave.
Favourite teacher:  My favourite teacher was Mr. Comeau who was my drama teacher.  He was the first teacher who ever picked up a Shakespearian play and made it sound really cool.  He was the first person who thought I had acting talent and sent me on my first audition.  Without him, I’d be a completely different person.
Were you in the school play?  I’ve always been in school plays.  My favourite was a play called The Big Deal, which was performed all around Toronto.  I played the King of Diamonds.
What advice do you have for kidsworld readers now?  Don’t take school too seriously.  You’re only a kid once.

Source: Kidsworld (circa October 2004)