-Jake-: Hi Mary!!
The-Mary: JAKE!
-Jake-: Mary!!! How are you?
The-Mary: I am now awesome.
-Jake-: aww
The-Mary: so, what have you been DOING all this busy time?
-Jake-: I've been filming, and prom-ing
The-Mary: How was prom!?
-Jake-: It was pretty awesome. I went with a really good friend of mine, and we partied the whole night. I had to work on set the next day though...
The-Mary: Oh man. Early call? That's cruel and inhuman.
-Jake-: I agree. It wasn't too too early, but let's just say my acting wasn't ........amazing
The-Mary: heh. So any big plans for the summer?
-Jake-: Well, I'm going to be shooting most of the time. Which will be fun. My big sis is moving back to Toronto, so we're thinking of traveling, and just lotso rocknroll and parties.
The-Mary: rock and roll. Do you burn easily, Jake Epstein? Or are you more of a tanner?
-Jake-: people are from the yeah I burn!
The-Mary: wait, if they're from the desert, shouldn't they tan??
-Jake-: ..........yeah......I might tan too one day
The-Mary: one day when you're not shooting. So what's the last rock show you went to?
-Jake-: Last show I went to was Hawksley Workman.....he's amazing....but just last week I went to see a couple friends of mine at this club downtown T-dot.....they're called Golden Ticket, and they're funky. What was the last show you went to?
The-Mary: Me, the Hold Steady. Who are awesome and who you should check out, though they're not everyone's cup of tea.
The-Mary: (they have a classic rock sound, you might seriously be down; the guy is a great storyteller)
-Jake-: I'd love to hear some of their music....maybe you can send it over.....we can exchange music?
The-Mary: YES, gladly. So when you go to a show, do you stand at the front or the back?
-Jake-: Depends what mood I'm in. I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers last year, and I waited 8 hours to see them front row in the mosh pit. But other times the pit can be rough, so I like to chill and listen to the music.
The-Mary: Word. At least you can see from the back, being somewhat tall.
-Jake-: I am somewhat tall. This is true. I'm also somewhat trim....?
The-Mary: What songs would you put on a mix CD for a girl that you would never put on one for a boy?
-Jake-: ..........definitely some Hawksley- "safe and sound"......some Coldplay "green eyes" and maybe some Jack Johnson
The-Mary: Did you hear that new Coldplay yet? it's kind of a snoozer
-Jake-: I've only heard it on the radio....I still need to pick up the album.....yeah it's kind of "trip-hop"-ish....I still like it though
The-Mary: actually the trip hop parts are the best parts, the rest is ballads ballads ballads. So, ok, I have to ask some Degrassi questions
-Jake-: alright degras away
The-Mary: Without giving anything away, since the US-ers haven't seen it yet... we know Craig has some crazy stuff coming up with [TOP SECRET].. how do you feel about what's going on with your character? Is it tough to perform?
-Jake-: It was strange, but we were professional. I approached from a professional actor's perspective............does that make any sense?
The-Mary: completely.
The-Mary: Did you injure yourself at all in the manic Craig shoots? Like that hotel room scene looked kinda harsh on the ol' joints...
-Jake-: yeah it was pretty wild.....I actually broke a lamp during the scene and electrocuted my hand.....but I was so into it I just kept going. It was a really intense couple weeks of filming
The-Mary: I bet.
-Jake-: Alright Mary I was just told I have 2 minutes before I have to go back to set to film.....
The-Mary: OK... I know this was a while ago, but when they made those "Craig in flames" T-shirts for the girls to wear... was it weird seeing your face all burny all over the place?
-Jake-: Yeah it was totally weird! But really friends all got hold of those Tees and wore them for about a month
The-Mary: ha! awesome. OK, go back to work, make awesome Degrassis.
The-Mary: tell everyone they're the best.
The-Mary: including yourself
-Jake-: always. Thanks for the talk.
-Jake-: it was fun
The-Mary: take care and thanks tons!