From their bashful days as friends to their angry rocker phase to their angsty declarations of love, we can't get enough of Craig Manning and Ashley Kerwin. No one understands Ashley more than Craig, her mental and musical soulmate, encouraging her creativity and opinionated nature. He loves her when she has a sharp tongue, is icy, throughout all her transformations. Deep down, he sees the girl we love-- someone who's compassionate, classy, and worth the wait. At the same time, Ashley has endured opposition from her family and friends to try and make it work, finding it in herself to forgive the boy who loves her for who she is. Bravely standing up for Craig in VC and to Craig in RRHS, she brought the best out of our boy.

Locker leans, Shrew practice, GM petitions....they support each other's interests and ideas, throughout season 2. Naturally, Craig chooses Ashley to share his troubled past with, resulting in one of the most respected and satisfying finales of Degrassi. Season three proved to be an ultimate test, with the popular, cheating storyline, yet it was CrAsh out of the two Craig ships who made amends, leaving the fans hungry for more. Boy, did they get more. In season four, a slew of episodes confirmed what we knew all along-- that CrAsh will see each other through the best of days, exciting recording sessions/ band interviews, or the worst of days, Craig's episodes in VC. It's no wonder we still hope for a reconciliation down the line. In our hearts, we know, and they know, they are "so, so not over.


Season 2
Take My Breath Away
Dressed In Black
Tears Are Not Enough

Season 3
Father Figure
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Rock 'n Roll High School

Season 4
Ghost In The Machine
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Neutron Dance
Voices Carry
West End Girls
Goin' Down The Road

Season 7
Bust A Move