{}Welcome to the 100th Angsty Artists (Craig Manning and Ashley Kerwin) Appreciation Thread!{}

{Craig: Hey save the film for tonight when Ash and I win the luau crown.
Ashley: You put us in the contest?!
Craig: Yeah this is our night. Everyone’s gonna know it}
+Tears Are Not Enough

Celebrating 100 Threads of Craig and Ashley Love
After 100 threads and over 100 shippers, we're still here loving Crash as much as ever!

Learn about the characters...Craig Manning {Jake Epstein} and Ashley Kerwin {Melissa McIntrye}

{Troubled, artistic, and passionate, Craig Manning has twice the angst of any other eighteen-year old. Whether it’s being the center of love triangles or struggling with his bipolarity, or his recent cocaine addiction, Craig’s life is plagued with problems. Yet, despite his dark past, which includes an abusive father and a mother who died of cancer, Craig has somehow maintained a great sense of humor and a romantic spirit. He's learned how to be a great stepson to Joey Jeremiah, a good brother to Angie Jeremiah, and a loving boyfriend. His songs have earned him the admiration of ex Manny Santos, the appreciation of BFF Ellie Nash, and the love of Ashley Kerwin, the other half of Degrassi’s power couple. Even when he’s most cocky and breaking the hearts of girls, this heartthrob still oozes charm and personality, and we always manage to forgive him.}

{Because if he really loved Kate,
he wouldn't want to change her.
He'd love her for who she is}
+Craig in Dressed in Black

{Degrassi’s resident chameleon, Ashley Kerwin is a combination of mysterious beauty, strong compassion, and creative expression. These traits have lead to appreciation from Jimmy Brooks and Sean Cameron, and love from Craig Manning. Throughout her transformations from teacher’s pet to goth girl to rocker chick to vintage princess, she’s channeled her thoughts into lyrics, both poetic and musical, all while being a soundboard for Craig and her friends in times of need. While she does have a penchant for not confronting certain issues in her life, it makes her more real as she grows into her own person, learning from her mistakes. Her family life has been altered, by both her father coming out to her and remarrying, along with Kate’s recent relationship with boyfriend Jeff, but Ashley rolled with the punches and found her place in each. In season 4, the formerly moody poet lightened up and opened herself up to love again with Craig before jetting to England. Once returning, she also has an altered attitude, more care-free, and even though her relationship with Craig hasn’t been addressed, we know she’ll always be in the front row, cheering him on because it’s in her nature.}

{Really? Wow. I guess
I knew he was always
destined for greatness}
+Ashley in High Fidelity

The Story of Crash (Craig & Ashley)

Why do the Angsty Artists support CrAsh?
{From their bashful days as friends to their angry rocker phase to their angsty declarations of love, we can't get enough of Craig Manning and Ashley Kerwin. No one understands Ashley more than Craig, her mental and musical soulmate, encouraging her creativity and opinionated nature. He loves her when she has a sharp tongue, is icy, throughout all her transformations. Deep down, he sees the girl we love-- someone who's compassionate, classy, and worth the wait. At the same time, Ashley has endured opposition from her family and friends to try and make it work, finding it in herself to forgive the boy who loves her for who she is. Bravely standing up for Craig in VC and to Craig in RRHS, she brought the best out of our boy.

Locker leans, Shrew practice, GM petitions....they support each other's interests and ideas, throughout season 2. Naturally, Craig chooses Ashley to share his troubled past with, resulting in one of the most respected and satisfying finales of Degrassi. Season three proved to be an ultimate test, with the popular, cheating storyline, yet it was CrAsh out of the two Craig ships who made amends, leaving the AAs hungry for more. Boy, did they get more. In season four, a slew of episodes confirmed what we knew all along-- that CrAsh will see each other through the best of days, exciting recording sessions/ band interviews, or the worst of days, Craig's episodes in VC. It's no wonder we still hope for a reconciliation down the line. In our hearts, we know, and they know, they are "so, so not over."}

{Hey congratulations!
So you finally asked that Ashley girl out? }
+Joey in Take My Breath Away

{Just like I imagine that you and Ashley won’t just be friends for long either}
+ Jimmy in Neutron Dance

Ash's Last Journal Entry

{Have you ever done that thing with your eyes where you focus on something with like a regular pattern, like checkered curtains or something really close up and then your eyes go blurry for a second, but then when everything comes back into focus it's like a strange, vivid 3-D effect and you can't tell how close up or far away the thing you're staring at is, like even though you know it's across the room you feel like you can touch it?

That's as close as I can come to describing the last year or so with Craig. Especially since he began to have bipolar episodes. I know he's there, but no matter how far I reach, I just can't touch him. Even when he's on his medication and we're having fun, writing songs and playing music together, he's just a little bit out of reach. Of course he can't help it. He's not trying to hold back from me. It's me. On some level I just can't let myself put him into focus. I'm always worrying about him, waiting for the next bipolar episode, watching for signs. I can't trust my own judgment around him -- when he's happy is it because he's off his meds, having a manic period, or when he's upset is that because he's off his meds, or they're not working, and he's depressed? I can't tell -- and I know how much it hurts him to have me constantly questioning his moods...and it's too much for me to handle too.

So I just have to go away. It feels horrible, like I'm abandoning someone who needs me. But I need to deal with my own things, and Craig has Joey and Caitlin there for him -- not his biological parents but an amazingly supportive substitute. It was hell telling Craig I didn't want him to come with me to England, even just for the summer. I guess he figured out what that really means. But it was something I had to do.

I'm sorry...bye.}

{C: I must have had the ringer off. I couldn’t really sleep.
A: You, you need me there with you.}
+Voices Carry

{A: Hey. If you think you’re just gonna walk away.
*She pulls him back and kisses him*
A: So um. Do you think we can uh.
C: Yeah. Yeah I do.
A: So do I}
+ Craig & Ashley in Neutron Dance

Craig's Last Journal Entry

{Back to square one for both me and my tiny stepdad Joey. Weird timing -- both of our leading ladies (and onetime fiances) bail on us for faraway places (Ashley to England, Caitlin to LA) within a day or two of each other. Now it's just me, Joey and my sister. Living in a house technically owned by his oldest flame Caitlin. Don't ask me how that's going to work out...too much to thin about...man I've never seen a 30-whatever year-old guy bawl his eyes out like Joey did when Caitlin left. Funny, I was shocked, but I never really so much felt like crying when Ashley left. Must be because I'm a real man or something...yeah right. Instead I stopped taking my meds and lost my mind on the streets where some scammer stole my guitar. Real bright. Surprisingly (not) going off my meds didn't make anything better. (such an idiot sometimes -- maybe on some level I understand Ash...which is the problem of course, since she's the only person I have the slightest understanding of...full circle again...)

So here we are -- Joey with no fiance, me with no Ash and no axe. And Kevin Smith waiting to hear some amazing song I'm supposed to finish for his movie. Terrifying much? Hope I can get Jimmy to lend me his guitar...as long as I don't tell him I talked to Spinner who did his best to save my hinie...maybe he deserves another chance? not so sure...

It's going to be a quiet summer. Back to helping out at the car lot for me...a single used car salesman. Looking at Joey, maybe it's my fate. Oh man...}

{C: Yeah we’re back together. Ash and me.
Me and Ash. What was I thinking before?
Cheating on her with Manny. Why’d I do that?
Caitlin: People make mistakes.
C: Never ever, ever, ever, ever again}
+Voices Carry

{C: Going somewhere?
A: Are you?
C: Soon. I’m gonna go home. I think we owe everyone a dance.
*He takes her hand and they start walking to the dance floor*
C: You can ask.
*They start dancing*
A: Ask what?
C: How I’m doing. I won’t go psycho.
A: How are you doing Craig?
C: Better}
+Craig & Ashley in Tears Are Not Enough

Learn About Us...The Fans

who we are......who supports them

why we love them what makes us think of them

what episodes we never get tired of what we've said in the past

Why we love Crash
{There are many reasons we love Crashley, but mostly it's because they will always be there for eachother. We've seen that in past episodes, how Craig helped Ashley realize she shouldn't change for someone else, and how Ashley helped Craig through his fathers death, and his bipolarity. And the summer will make them stronger and make them realize how much they do in fact love and need eachother. Also for the fact that after Craig, cheated on her last year, she was willing to give him another chance. That say's a lot.}

Craig and Ashley had one of the most natural, genuine beginnings on television. They both needed to be in each others life at that point and it turned their world upside down completely. From that point their problems were handled realistically and weren't handled to make them look perfect. That only made their solution all the more special and believeable that it would bring them closer. They have come farther in their time together from start to finish then most tv couples go their entire run. By their final season their love for each other was not "in your face" but it was very easy to see how strongly they cared for each other. They may have other relationships that are even more "on/off" but the emotional effort they each put into those pales in comparison to all they went through with each other. No matter how much the writing has screwed with their story, at every screw up there is even more potential for them created. They may have killed the characters at this point in time, what they meant to each other hasn't dared to be messed with. They're too afraid to deal with it right now.


Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because they are the whole package. They are a realistic and honest teen couple that I've always been able to relate to and love discussing because there are so many layers to them. Jake and Melissa play so well off each other and the result is an amazing range of emotionally intense scenes; scenes that can only happen when a couple has intense passion for each other. They have their sweet moments and moments of angst, all which have this amazing energy and feel genuine. Though both Craig and Ashley are troubled, they seem to really balance each other out and understand each other. As a bonus, I never know what to expect next with Crash. They are such a surprising couple.

-- Nicole

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple for so many reasons. Besides being beautiful, talented, intelligent and musically-inclined, Craig and Ashley share a deep connection and bond that grew incredibly strong over time. The love that they have for one another is undeniable. They don’t throw out the term “love” without substance and feeling behind it. The build-up they were given to come to that point is rare for any couple on Degrassi. There are negative moments throughout their relationship, but they aren’t simply glossed over. The lows of their characters help to mold the highs, which therefore creates an ideal balance. No couple is perfect and Crash certainly doesn’t pretend to be. They have worked hard over the years to get to a point of understanding, comfort, friendship, love and passion. When they are together, they are each other’s best friend and lover all at once, which is a beautiful thing.

-- Jen

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because out of all the couples from D:TNG they received the most development. They made it through some of the most stressful obstacles in couple could endure. They survived Craig cheating, they survived Craig's bipolar disorder, and it is just a matter of time before they overcome Ashley staying in England. No other couple in D:TNG a had practically a whole season dedicated to them like CrAsh.

-- Leigh

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because not only do they fight to be with one another, but they fight the odds. Their storylines are consistent, wonderfully written, and there are no hints of randomess or a lack of depth. They are shaped by their history, rather than reliant on their history. They have a shown, established connection rather than an assumed connection. Seasons 2-4 is a testament to their strength and the faith the writers have in the ultimate DTNG couple.

-- Nikki

Craig and Ashley are the ultimate couple because every season that both Craig and Ashley have been in, they have shared the screen. They have been through so much, yet it comes back to their story. Crash has attracted so many different kinds of fans who have remained loyal and true to their ship through the roughest times and I believe that shows dedication that the couple has been able grasp a hold to these fans, which not all couples can do with their fans. There are also the little moments, that don’t take as much notice along with the big ones, that you realize how much they really mean to each other, proving all the more how "ultimate they are" This couple has been through quite a few issues together and their story is far from over.

-- Ria

Want to re-live the 50th? The 100th?

Dear Stephen Stohn (or To Whom It May Concern),

Like Craig gave Ashley (Should I Stay or Should I Go?), here are a dozen roses. Each one of these roses represents a significant Crash-related episode. We, the fans, are so incredibly thankful for the amazing episodes and storylines devoted to Craig and Ashley’s relationship, so here is a token of our appreciation.

It has been months in the making, but we are finally ready to showcase our support for Craig & Ashley the best way we know how. In our 100th thread you will find fanart, fan-made music videos, fanfiction, in-depth discussions and analyses of the couple and their characters, a soundtrack with songs suiting Craig and Ashley, top Crash moments voted on by the fans, a “what if Craig and Ashley got married” section, a Joey/Caitlin and Craig/Ashley parallels section and so much more. We have poured our hearts and souls into this project and we would love for you or any of the Degrassi: The Next Generation staff to come on July 11th and celebrate our work with us.


The Angsty Artists

Exec Post

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+ Angsty Artists Photobucket Password: crash100
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+Craig and Ashley Fanlisting! Every Wish
+Crash C2 Community on Fanfiction.net
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By our very own AA's
I Saw Her Standing There by Nikki+++{As Joey and Caitlin's wedding approaches, tension resumes and sparks fly between Craig and Ashley}
Nowhere to Run by Nikki+++{Jimash's marriage is on the rocks, especially when Craig comes into the picture}
This Is It by Diana+++{Ashley is back and she and Craig decide to become friends again, but will it stay that way?}
The Mixed Tape by Diana+++{Craig and Ashley reflect on their on again, off again relationship}
Learning to Breathe by Diana+++{Ashley returns from England with a secret}
The Best Laid Plans by Diana+++{A glimpse into the future life of Ashley and Craig}
Empty Apartment by Lissa+++{About London, Craig and Ashley, and a city that tears things apart but can also bring things together}
More Things Change by Nicole ( TarynAsh)+++{They're back. They may not be together, but so what? More things change}
What Was Left Unsaid by Nicole (Kaleidocat)+++{Craig-centric. Craig Manning rewritten starting with When Doves Cry.
Because recovering from abuse takes more than a season. Tons of Joey interaction with a splash of Crash.}

Other favorites
Rings, Rainy Days, and Valentines+++{Craig finally asks those four little words to Ashley}
The Crash+++{When Craig gets in a car accident he finds that he has hit Ashley. One of his worst fears comes true; Ashley is in a coma}
Bad Decisions+++{For Craig and Ashley, everything was going well...until something tears them apart, something that Ashley can't deal with}
Craig's Pain+++{What if Craig had never let anyone know about the torment he lived through}

{Look, I’m nervous too.
But I mean you’ll be there
and all I have to do is look
over at you and I’ll be fine.
So, you wanted to tell me something?}
+Ashley in Neutron Dance

Degrassi Crash Course: Jake & Mel
Countdown to Degrassi with Jake & Mel
On The Way Down
All I Know
Say It Will Always Be Like This
What If Craig & Ashley Got High And Ash Forgot the Words To "Nothing At All"?
What If Ashley Asked Craig To Kiss Another Guy?

In Honor of the 100th...
My Wish
Because Of You

Pop-Up Video: Angsty Artists Style

Holiday - Alternate Trailer

What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost? - Alternate Trailer

{C: Look, ignore him. I'm dying here, man. I like...need her.
Marco: What, you just want to get laid?
C: No, it's not like that.
Marco: You sure?}
+Should I Stay or Should I Go?

+ Celebrating Our Family of Little Post Whores

{The AA Family is definitely of the dysfunctional order; even the name itself speaks of addiction problems. The family matriarch, examples herself as the mayor's drunken socialite wife who doesn't know who her children's daddies are, but suspects it's of the celebrity variety, and no one really knows where her husband aka The Mayor hides himself (he's most likely avoiding his crazy wife) as he goes off with his French maid.

Nikki, the oldest daughter, was until recently hiding the identity of her own children’s father; due in part most likely to the fact she was fighting with her mother over that very man, James Franco (Nikki won of course). Nikki had six children with him, not even including the two she adopted. The 2nd oldest in the family is Jen, who would be best described as the “fun” aunt. Whenever Nikki is away, and Jen is left in charge, they know how they can get away with being naughty, with her two kids along to help. Youngest is Callie, who could be more considered one of the children of the family as she causes problems along with the rest of them. When she is seen, it’s mostly hanging out with Leigh, her cousin. Leigh’s parents (Nicole’s sister/brother in law) left Leigh to live with Nicole since she had a huge mansion that needed more filling up, so that is where she spent most of her time, right along side Callie as they wander around.

Then we have all nine of the grandchildren. Kathy, Nikki’s oldest, would be considered the wise and most well behaved one of the family, even though everyone has their moments. Next in line is Katie, followed by her twin Michele. They are mostly causing problems over at the neighbors, making sure their dirtiness is intact. Speaking of the neighbors, Joa, claimed to be Katie’s soul mate, was recently adopted by Nikki after being the best friend of the family, who hung out at our house (almost) as much as her own but being from the outside she likes to cause problem. The newest adoptee is Mal, who barely ever even comes and visits. The youngest trouble-some twins are Ria and Diana. They were the original pair to misbehave in the family, even though Diana was also the leader of that. Ria still likes to try and keep everyone on track. Jen’s youngest, Carli, started followed Diana (and Ria) around, so you could say she was their almost triplet at one point, before both her and Diana headed off to college and barely drop by for a visit anymore because they seem to be too busy with their new friends. And that brings us to Mel, Jen’s oldest daughter, who was away at college for some time when she wasn’t up to speed with the family ways, but she’s changed her ways and comes to visit much more when bringing her insight in. Plus we can’t forget the nosey neighbor, Vince, who drops by unexpected, and for the most part unwelcome to a degree. He also became part of the family, as a brother-in-law, but after so many triangles and OTP’s, it’s hard to keep track with who the happy couple is now days. But after everything, the AA's will always remain a family}

Inside Jokes...Every Family Has Them

{Every couple might have a special "place"
but as AA's we came up with the one place

perfect for Crash,
t h e s h o w e r}+++

{Proof that Craig & Ashley had fun,
and were
meant for each other,
matching stuffed animals
(of course Craig teased Ashley...
before she found out about his}

{Every couple, no matter how long they have been ignored,
should get the c h a n c e to have some type of scene
and instead of settling for some measely crumbs (ie High Fidelity)

we like something more...
in the form of a

{During Craig's late night
visits to Ashley's bedroom, he
found himself tripping over the
garden gnome,quite a problem
if he wanted to
serenade her outside her window.}

The Anti-Season Six Snowman
Greg and Smashley

++{You’re every present I never got.
You’re every wish that never came true.
You’re every prayer that went unanswered.
So, baby I’ll spend Christmas with you.
With you.
So, baby I’ll spend Christmas with you.}

Our Reasons (along with others) on why Craig and Ashley are Star-Crossed

++{Something 'bout the way you shine
And when the lights go out
I wanna make you mine
Somethin bout the way it seems
You're always here, in my dreams
When there's noone there no I'm not scared
But I'm in love
With you}++

#1 Powercouple

++{I don't know if you'll
forgive me
For being so blind to how you felt
Don't ask me why I couldn't see it
And that'd take me years to figure out
And that's not something I know much about
But there's only one way to find out
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What I know
Is that I hurt you, oh
What I know is that I suck
And what I know is that I'm sorry
What I know is that I'm a loser, yeah
What I know is I screwed up and then I never earned your trust
And what I know
Is that everything I touch
Just turns to dust}++

Popgurls.com interview with Jake Epstein: Which girl would you pick? Can you tell me?
Jake: Personally? Ashley. I mean, honestly, I never understood the Manny/Craig relationship.
I just think the two characters wouldn't go well together in real life.

The-N.com podcast with Jake Epstein:
So the question I'm sure you've been asked a million times; If it were you, Jake Epstein,
choosing between the characters of Manny, Ellie, or Ashley, who would it be?

That's a good question. I would say Ashley. I always liked the character Ashley, from the beginning.
Cause I think I related to her, with all the music stuff and the kinda goth phase she went through.
I'd say Ashley!

Post from the Exec:
{"I got a great Crash package in the mail a while back
with 60 reasons for Craig and Ashley to be together,
including 60 individually wrapped reasons--
which we've hung up on the wall leading to the studio
and the cafeteria so all the writers and actors can check them out!!"}

To Whom It May Concern, This is a project put together by fans of the Craig and Ashley relationship from the Degrassi board at fanforum.com, in order to make known that we are standing by the couple and would like to see more of their story. Enclosed in this package is 64 bags, one for each thread the fans (The Angsty Artists) have on the forum, with plastic rings and a slip of paper with one of our thread titles along with a quote from fans that have signed the petition we created for our CrAsh (found at this address: Petition Spot - Make Free Online Petitions. The bags are intended to be reminiscent of how Craig kept the ring he proposed to Ashley with in Voices Carry; the episode originally aired in November, thus the reason we are sending it now. Granted, we are not sure what your plans are for the future, but please keep the Craig/Ashley relationship in mind. Many fans feel that they were not given proper closure, especially given the gravity of their history and love. Their relationship has meant a lot to us, and what follows is a series of testimonies from the fans that frequent the Angsty Artists thread at Fan Forum.

++{Through the mud and the dirt
All the tears and the hurt
It seared and it burned, and I cried
Through the mud and the dirt
All the tears and the hurt
It seared and it burned, and I died
There was nothing at all
No, nothing at all
There was only a dream of you (only a dream of you)
There was nothing at all
No, nothing at all
Till your promise exploded through}++

Now to answer the conflicted question of just how did those pants end up on the lamp?

Nicole's Theory
"Okay, Jake, you're in your boxers for this scene. Just drape them on the bed or something alright?" Some important person on set says.

"Oooh, this is the scene where I don't wear pants. What is up with that? This is the second time that I've lost my pants," Jake says.

"It's symbolism. You know how deep Degrassi is. Lose your pants, lose your mind," Melissa states with a nod.

Jake does a silly stripper dance, which includes ripping his belt off with flourish. He then daintily drapes his pants over the lamp.

"Nice, Jake. Nice personal touch," Melissa observes.

"This episode has made me feel so freeeee! I get to take off my clothes, I get to trash a room. It's been fantastic!" Jake says.

"Why don't I ever get to trash a room or take off my clothes for the show?" Melissa says.

"Why doesn't she get to take off her clothes...for the wholesome purpose of the show, of course," Jake agrees. He glances around and then picks up the condoms on the bedside table. "Can I have these when we are done filming?"


Kathy's Theory
1. This does not make sense.
2. I wanted to be as outlandish as possible.

Craig and Ashley are in the moment of passion. As each second passes their need to consummate their relatoinship grows stronger. Suddenly, the room starts to shake. As hot and heavy as Crash were, they were not the reason the room was shaking. No, it was zombies who were emerging from their grave RIGHT UNDER THE HOTEL that caused this random earthquake. Of course, Crash didn't care. The shaking just added please to their expierience. However, they were both still fully clothed and that needed to change. As zombies approached their lovenest Ashley did some quick thinking. She yanked Craig's pants off both for her need and to save the world; she threw the pants on the lamp, creating darkness. The zombies passed over Crash's room, allowing them to *fully* enjoy each other's company.


Nikki's Theory
Craig and Ashley were intensely kissing after they slept together. Ashley interrupts, says: "Now I know that you wear boxers and not briefs". Craig jokes that she could've known earlier, but bets to see if she can guess his pants size? Ashley moves to find his pants, cheating in a sense. But Craig throws them away, and they stick on the lamp. She says fine, she can't guess, and Craig says his prize is picking a movie for them to watch. That's why Craig's going through the channels on the hotel TV.


Leigh's Theory
My theory is that Craig was so excited the he just threw his clothes off without even caring where they landed. I have to wonder where he had to go find his shirt? Did that land on the lamp? Did he toss it across the room? Did he even take it off? It really makes you wonder.


Katie's Theory I think as craig and ashley were kissing, craig leaned to go on top but then ash flipped him over so she was on top, ripped off his pants and threw them, they ended up on the lamp and then they obviously banged for a long time...orrr i think that after crash stopped kissing, ash flipprd craig up on his head and proceded to take of his pants, didn't know where to throw them so threw them up on the lamp, his boxers landed on the tv and her panties in his teeth..


Ria's Theory
Well everyone knows that Nicole is a little crazy so while we planned our road trip to kidnap Jake and Mel, Nicole snuck along for the ride without us knowing. And while we hid Make in the closet, Nicole snuck off and found the set of VC. Being completly deserted by everything frantically trying to find Jake and Mel, she decided to have a little bit of fun. Eating the food, jumping on the bed and that is when she came across Jake's pants. Being her normal self, she wondered what size he was, but when she heard a noise from outside, she threw the pants up in the air, they landed on the lamp and she spent the rest of filming hiding under the bed. And we left, so we're not quite sure how she got back. But at least we know how those pants got there, it's one mystery down, another one to go.

{C: But I’m your Craig.
A: Yeah you are and you know what,
you’re just as important to me as he is.
So get dressed. You’re coming with me}
+Voices Carry

+ Fan Testimonials

{A: Just love all those curls.
C: You like my curls?
A: Yeah.
C: No, I like your hair better.
A: Yours is better.
C: No, I like yours better.
A: Yours is better.
C: I like you.
A: I like you}
+Father Figure

When did you first start shipping CrAsh?

{I knew from the minute Ash was sitting on Craig's lap in Father Figure that they were going to be my new favorite couple. Previously I had always prefered Jimmy/Ashley, so in season 2 I was kind of biased against them, but how could you not ship them after seeing how cute they were? - Ria}

{After I started liking Crellie over Cranny in season five, I found that I lot of reasons I used in Crellie's defense could also apply to CrAsh. And I just started to respect them more. And then when I compared the Cranny reunion in season five to the CrAsh reunion in season four, it really showed just what girl Craig really loves and appreciates the most. Another thing I realized about CrAsh is that while Craig kept both Ellie and Manny in his life because that way he could have the friendship aspect and the romance aspect, he had both of those in Ashley. And as I started to compare them to Cranny's status more and more, it really showed just how strong CrAsh's relationship really was.

But even before all this, while I was still filled with hatred over the couple and convinced I would never like them, I had made two CrAsh videos. One very positive and another semi-positive. As I made them, I couldn't help but have several positive thoughts about the couple. -

{I first started shipping Crash during season 3. I thought they were pretty cute before SISOSIG, but once the dreaded triangle began, I realized how much I was pushing for Crash to stay together. Once RRHS aired, I was completely hooked and I've been smitten ever since. - Jen}

{I've always liked the characters Craig and Ashley and I'm fairly certain that while watching Season 2 I had the realization that these are two teens that probably would interact and date in real life. I supported them enough while watching Season 3 to be slightly upset at the triangle. When the-n started airing commercials that hinted a Crash reunion, I felt myself getting excited. I'm not normally a shipper, but I think you could call me one once I finished watching GITM. Season 4 was the season of the Crash and that has been the only time I've ever looked forward to episodes so much. - Nicole}

{The first time I started shipping them was when I saw SISOSIG. I really enjoyed seeing how important it was for Craig to be with Ashley. The second time I started to shipping them was when I saw the looks they shared in High Fidelty, instead of giving Ashley a dirty look for staying in England and hooking up with Ali Craig just smiled and waved at her. - Leigh}

{I believe it was Dressed in Black. Which was one of my first episodes - Callie}

{I started shipping CrAsh the first time I saw RRHS on the-N. I always liked them before, in DIB, and especially in TANE, but RRHS just confirmed to me that I cared whether or not they got back together. Of course, I was pulling for them. - Nikki}

{I first started shipping CrAsh when i saw DIB, I really thought they would be so cute together then TANE came and seeing ash being there for him even when he freaked out on her was so sweet and I really started liking them, then season three came and they had some really cute moments but then RRHS came and it sealed the deal for me, I was officially obsessed seeing craig finally apologize and so sweetly was amazing and their chemistry just blew me away, the looks they gave each other, everything was awesome, season four they were perfect too, from the first time seeing each other after "the incident" to him proposing to them both wanting to spend their lives together to ash being there for craig when he was diagnosed bipolar, they had amazing chemistry through everything and I am hooked forever. - Katie}

{TMBA made me think of the possibility of these two, but DIB is what really did it for me. - Teeka}

{Well, the first time I saw Degrassi it was a season one rerun and there was a commercial for the next new episode which was RRHS. I was intrigued and practically started shipping them from the promo. After I saw the episode, I definitely started shipping them. My love for them grew after I saw the older season two episodes, and even more once season four came along. - Lindsey}

{A: I, I can't marry you yet. But I want to. I do.
C: So that's a someday?
A: That's a yes}
+Voices Carry

Why do you think they will get back together again?

{I feel it's the Craig ship that has gotten the most romantic development. The writers haven't made the effort to have Craig speak badly of Ash, or vice versa. GDTR was more of a cliffhanger ep than final closure imo. - Nikki}

{I suppose I'm fairly optimistic that they have a chance. I think/hope that Crash package will influence the writers to at least have them interact next season. I think Cranny is pretty much done for good and though Crellie will probably be dealt with first if Jake came back, since Crash has so much more history and a bigger fan base, I would think/hope that they would eventually move back to Crash. - Lindsey}

{Their story is not over. Things ended so abruptly because of Melissa's absence during season 5 and now that she's come back, it seems the writers have a severe case of amnesia. Ashley's absence has not been addressed whatsoever and there is still so much unsaid about the dissolving of their relationship. The relationships that they have been in since do not even compare to the love that Crash had. Ashley and Jimmy are completely void of any substance and have lost any charm that they may have had during the first couple seasons. Craig and Manny are still the fluffy, predictable and immature couple they've always been. Craig and Ellie lack the passion, intensity and romantic feelings that Crash have for each other. It's unfortunate that Craig and Ashley have been paired with other characters that ultimately hinder their character development. If Melissa and Jake's schedules allow, and if the writers are willing to carefully plan a well thought-out reunion, there is no doubt in my mind that Craig and Ashley could have a believable reunion and return to the former power couple status that they once had. - Jen}

{Because they never got proper closure, and things were left in the air, where so much can happen. The writers also know the fans want it, and can't ignore CrAsh for much longer. - Callie}

{Well I have no idea how long that would take. But if they do, it would definitely be after holding onto a strong significant friendship. Ashley was once like Craig's bestfriend, and I can see that being the case again. And then after a while, they'll finally admit their true feelings, and that'll be it. They have an undeniable bond that goes beyond both friendship and romance, if that makes any sense. Anyways, I'm confident that's how it would happen. It's very realistic. - Melanie}

{If Crash was reunited, it would benefit both Craig and Ashley's character development. Craig has abandonment issues and to have someone come back into his life that he feels left him and was deeply affected by, it help him. His father cannot come back so the next best person is Ashley. Ashley has had a long history of avoiding things, bringing Craig back into her life might force her to deal with that. It would be a way to bring the show back around to individuals and not just couples drama. - Nicole}

{I think they will get back together again because they were the only people to ever really get each other, the complement each other, they have amazing chemistry. I think that they both love each other more then anyone else, I think that the feelings will always be there no matter who their with and that the feelings will always come back. They just fit and go well together, they balance each other out and I think they definitly have that stating power, they are each others true loves. - Katie }

{Because Crash, along with the fans, got the one of the worst "closure" of any Degrassi couple. An email break up will not do it for me or anyone else. And when you have non-fans/haters saying their closure sucked and that they deserve something, you know something is wrong. Plus they keep giving them very sutble you'd have to be obsessed with Crash to figure out hints that they are not over. I mean Ash mentioning him in HF, the wave, and then her sitting front row at his concert? Yeah it's still there and going strong, just on idle for a little while. - Ria}

{Because the writers love reunions and they must know that there are ton of CrAsh fans out there. There is so much they could do with these two. - Leigh}

{Wait, what?! They're not together? Sorry I think I fell asleep half way through GDTR part 1... Kidding. I guess the obvious answer is, because they're meant to be and it's right. - Teeka}

{C: Look. I hurt Ashley and the fact that she's even willing to look at me,
I'm not screwing that up again. So you can flirt with me and people can say
whatever but the fact is I love your niece.
A: Thought you only said that at airports?
C: I'm not staying here long. I just came to give you this. It's a hotel room key. It's for later.
If you need a place to go}
+ Voices Carry

What is the moment you can watch over and over again without getting sick of?

{I really like the moments during Season 2, during their more innocent time. Lately I've been obsessed with the "Locker Lean" scene in TMBA. It's such a cute little moment and gives us the first hint that Craig is trying to get more involved in Ashley's life. And then there's the Taming of The Shrew performance - such an attention getter. And when Craig took Ashley's picture - Jake can give off such emotion with just one word, you just felt that he wanted that picture to be for him. And of course when Craig asked Ashley to the end of year dance - Craig was so cute with his adolescent nervousness. Oh and the VC hospital scene, what a great way to conclude a rollercoaster episode. Too many favorites! - Nicole}

{I have watched the ending scene of Tears Are Not Enough over 100 times. The innocence, the music, the closeness, the shared intensity of their stares and the true start to their relationship…it's completely beautiful. I know that whenever I'm having a crappy day, I can watch that clip and instantly smile. It's the one Crash moment, the one Degrassi moment that I will never get sick of. - Jen}

{The moment I can watch over and over again would have to be the ending scene of VC when ash says she's not leaving and that she's there with him is just incredibly sweet, also the scene where craig runs out of the studio for ash, that was just so sweet for him to do. But really, every scene with them, I can watch over and over again without ever getting sick of them just cause I love their chemistry and all their scenes are just amazing. - Katie}

{Lol..I can pretty much watch any Crash scene over and over again. But I think it would have to be a tie between when Craig sings "Shine"(or any good song including Dust) for Ashley in the gym and when Craig runs out of the studio after Ash in ND. Just as I think I narrowed it down I think of the cute moments in FF and the GDTR deleted scene, it's too hard with so many great scenes...well I can always watch the slap in Holiday but that's for a different reason. - Ria}

{Ashley helping to pull Craig off of Joey in VC. - Leigh}

{Probably the hospital bed scene in TANE, and then the ND reunion kiss. - Nikki}

{Probably the hospital scene in VC. Loved Ashley sticking by Craig, and saying she wasn't leaving. - Callie}

{ND hallway kiss Also, pretty much all of RRHS -- that's probably the episode I've watched most out of all of Degrassi. - Lindsey}

{Definitely when he chases after her in Neutron Dance at the end. I could slo-mo that scene forever. - Teeka}

{Mrs. Kerwin: Craig broke my daughter's heart.
A: And I forgave him.
Mrs. Kerwin: Ashley I feel like we just put you back together again.
A: Look mom. I'm really happy so you're just gonna have to be happy for me}
+ Voices Carry

{Dr. Manning: Life's not fair and you're right Joey is better for you.
This way you can kiss your potential goodbye,
settle for some interesting little goth girl-
C: Don't talk about Ashley like that!}
+Tears Are Not Enough

What do you feel CrAsh brings to the show Degrassi and TV as a whole that makes them fresh and unique?

{Well, it's a very well known fact that what makes CrAsh so unique is the way they can only truly communicate their feelings to eachother through music. And while this may come off as stupid to some, we have to look at both Craig and Ashley individually as characters to really understand why this is so important.
First there is Ashley, who has been writing emotional ballads about how she feels since season one. And since then few people have been able to understand it. Terri and Paige hated her song in Cabaret, and Jimmy looked a bit uncomfortable when she was singing in Dressed In Black. I think Craig is the only one who really appreciates that side of her. He's the only one who really understands and respects her for it. Then there's Craig, who pretty much lives for music right now. It's pretty much a dream come true for him to have a girl who is as passionate and understanding of it as he is. He's only ever been able to truly express his feelings to her through music. But it's not he's good at doing it any other way. And Ashley is the only one who could really appreciate that. So music may be a very important part of their foundation, but it's an important part of the characters individually, too. -

{Despite all the angst, it's clear that they both loved/love each other. - Lindsey}

{I think it's what Melissa and Jake bring to Crash. The actors have a real understanding of their characters and that makes them very relatable. Both actors have such a great emotional range and it's great to watch them play off each other. They have this amazing energy. Jake said that sometimes it felt so real and you can feel that. It just seems real. I love seeing Crash at their happiest and then at their lowest, you only get that range when you have so much passion for someone. Crash makes you love them for all their faults and their strengths. Their eye contact is another thing that defines Crash. It gives off this impression that they have a heartfelt connection, that they know each other so well, and are so comfortable around each other. I think the eye contact helps make them a believable couple. Their body language makes them seem at ease with each other too. - Nicole}

{I actually don't think there are many REALISTIC angsty couples on TV. I love a lot of young adult shows, but there's usually some soap operaesque feel to certain plots. I feel like CrAsh is more down-to-earth as they struggle with things that are more authentic, though intriguing, like child abuse, alienation, and how a couple deals with mental illness together. Actually, I haven't seen that topic covered as nicely as it was here. - Nikki}

{They are different because they are a couple that doesn't have a lot of those "Omg they are so cute" scenes like a lot of relationships that portray middle school/high school have. I can actually picture them lasting long term then some of the other couples. Plus they dealt with some tough real issues that just made their bond stronger. - Ria}

{For one I don't think they are the easiest couple to ship. Their relationships has had a lot of ups and downs and sometimes the downs seem to be unbearable, but those few and between ups that they no matter how small they are truly make them a great ship. - Leigh}

{I think they have amazing chemistry that not many people have, I think they are comfortable with each other and have the ability to be friends and lovers at the same time, you can tell that they are best friends and also have that love for each other that just shines through. They balance each other out and also have the ability to be angsty and fluffy and I think that's great, they bring so much to the show and it's just not he same without them. - Katie}

{They are both into music and it effects there lives so much, and they share that, but they connect on so many more levels then that. - Callie}

{There are so many things about Crash that set them apart, not only from other Degrassi couples, but from other television couples as a whole. They have the perfect combination of friendship and romantic involvement. When they are together, there is an ease and comfort that makes it seem as though they have known each other all their lives. This is matched with an obvious yearning that the two have for each other. The eye contact says it all. The way they are constantly staring into each other's eyes infers a desire, a need to be together. The realism that they bring to the show is another aspect that makes their relationship so special. They have a comfort level that is most likely due in part to Melissa and Jake's friendship. This comfort level and ease allows them to share moments where they are able to communicate in a way that is nothing short of kismet. Not only do they get each other more than anyone else on the show, but their love is so strong and powerful, it has the tendency to overwhelm them. One of the biggest negatives that they have as a couple is that they almost love each other too much. Can that really be qualified as a fault though? The love they have for each other is simply awe-inspiring. - Jen}

{They bring a very different and real vibe to the show. They're the only couple, for me, on tv that I am willing to actually put hexes on the writers for splitting up. That's gotta mean something, right? - Teeka}

{C: Hey! What you got in here?
A: Every shoe I own. Hey. *They kiss* You know I thought this whole goodbye thing was gonna be so hard.
I'm so glad you're here and you surprised me}
+Going Down the Road

What is one thing you would change about how their relationship ended?

{The fact that it ended, period. - Teeka}

{I don't like how Venus was handled. It was obvious that TPTB wanted Crash swept under the rug so they could quickly build up more romantic drama and did it with a hasty email to Ellie. I don't like what happened with Ashley's character in that episode. I wish that we could have gotten an actual break up scene, or some reaction from Ashley about Craig running away in GDTR. I imagine Ashley would feel guilty about him running away; is it possible that she felt like she was the trigger to his relapse? I just want more reflection about Craig's relapse, including his reaction. Their journals were revealing and it would be nice to see something like that be said to each other. - Nicole}

{Um the whole thing. The way Ashley left was an awful send off, even if it was for a season. - Callie}

{Well first of all, I wouldn't have craig buy the ticket, I would have had craig talk to ash about going to london with her or had him be totally supportive of her like in the GDTR deleted scene and I definitly wouldn't have had ash send the email to ellie, I would have had ash call craig herself and tell him that she was staying in london and that she still loved him but she wanted to do something for herself. most of all, I would have rather her come back from london and have them talk and agree to just be friends but with some obvious feelings underneath. - Katie}

{Well, I would give Ashley a more realistic/in character write off. If I could change anything, I'd even put Melissa in the episode and maybe make it heartfelt and she didn't want to leave him, but she had to for some reason. -Lindsey}

{The e-mail. It didn't sound true to the character of Ashley, and I thought it was a cop-out. A face to face conversation would've been more satisfying, with her character left intact. - Nikki}

{Why Ash stayed in England and that stupid email that she NEVER would have wrote. Ash could have had a million other reasons to stay their, and they chose to have it where she stayed for a guy. That's great Degrassi writers, that's for nothing. Utter crap ending. - Ria}

{Make Ashley's reasons for staying in England more realistic for her character, have it less focused on Ellie's perspective and more on Craig's, and I don't know, maybe have Ashley actually call or send Craig the email. Those are the only ways I can see them being able to fix it. -Melanie}

{I understand that they needed a way for Melissa to leave the show and Going down the Road was definitely an angst-filled episode worthy of being Crash's final episode. Venus, unfortunately, is where things took a downwards spiral. To have Ashley stay in London, not for her father or for music or for education, but to have her leave Craig to be with another guy, was insulting to the fans and completely out of Ashley's character. If I could change one thing about their ending it would be to have had Ashley stay in London for another reason that was not so harmful and negative to the Crash relationship. I would have chosen an ending that laid hope for the future, peace of mind for Craig and was believable for the character of Ashley. - Jen}

{I wouldn't have Ashley stay in England for a guy. It would make more since for her to stay there to spend time with her father or something. I would at least have her end the relationship over the telephone instead of an email to Ellie. - Leigh}

{You are everything Ash}
+Craig in Voices Carry

+ Reasons NOT to give up hope: They're so not over

The Wave In High Fidelity

It was telling that they included Ashley in the HF wave, when they could've focused on Cranellie, which they did all throughout s5. Including Ashley when she didn't have to be there at all shows that the writers still made an effort to include an aspect of Crash and that it wasn't completely forgotten. Plus, the editing where they cut directly to Ashley after showing Craig could be interpreted as foreshadowing. On this show, it's been more stubble than that in the past.


They aren't over because their characters still have room to grow and they would do that best with each other. Craig has deep rooted abandonment issues, to have someone come back into his life that he feels left him would help him in the long run. The best person to do that would be his father. Since his father is dead, the next best is Ashley. By dealing with Craig, Ashley would be forced to deal with her avoident tendencies.


Cranny was never developed as a stand-alone couple, and neither was Jimash. They scream convenience. Crellie, probably the biggest obstacle, doesn't have the history, even if they're the last Craig ship to exist on the show. Craig or Ashley have not show the determination to be with Jimmy or Ellie/Manny as they have shown in their relationship with each other. The writers have not given any of the other couples the same attention, patience and respect they've given to CrAsh.


The writers never closed the book on CrAsh. They've never indicated that Craig got over Ashley, or that Ashley doesn't have any feelings over Craig. It's all been speculation. The last we heard of Craig's opinion of Ashley was in Venus, and he was still completely in love with her then. He seemed to move on because he had no choice, but that doesn't mean his feelings for Ashley went away. Ashley seems to be running from all of her past problems, so it would be completely believable if she were hiding her true feelings for Craig. The potential for the feelings to resurface is high.


This is a show where two people who spoke one word to each other over 3 years reunite and consider going to college together after a brief 3 month relationship. TPTP are reunion!happy, putting Crash back together (or much less acknowledging they exist) would not be braking any rules they haven't already broken.


CrAsh fans are amongst the most dedicated, active fan bases within the Degrassi community. We've stuck by Crash through the ups and the downs. Our couple has not been active for over 2 years now and we're still just as strong. We aren't going anywhere and the writers know that. They have a tendency to want to please their fans.


Joey and Caitlin broke up in the same two-parter Crash did. They did not even try to hide the similarities in how both Craig and Joey felt the same way about Ashley and Caitlin respectively. They are getting the same "pretend they never existed" treatment as Crash did and they were the most important couple of the entire franchise. Their impact on the show has not been erased because they are not part of the show now, the same rule can apply to Crash.


TPTP love their parallels to the old series. In Holiday, Crash were in the Jaitlin role from "School's Out." Their first times were very similar. There are many small hints to remind the audience that Craig and Ashley are the intended couple to follow in Joey and Caitlin's footsteps. In the majority of Jaitlin's episodes Crash is not far behind. If Jaitlin were ever to return to the series, Crash would continue to follow.


Diana and the rest of the AA's worked so hard to put the Crash package together in order to be heard. Many other fanbases followed in our footsteps but the executive producer only mentioned two: Crash and Sean/Emma (a favored couple by the writers). It was a relief to learn that it was received and everyone in the studio knows we exist. Plus, the writers might get some inspiration from it as the walk to their office.


They do angst the best. They do the love story the best. They do light hearted moments best. They feel the most realistic out of all the pairings. They dominated a majority of the seasons they existed and the writers usually return to the couples that took place in the spotlight. They are the only couple to be labeled Degrassi's #1 power couple by a direct media source. The way they were written shows that they were intended to be endgame, let's hope the writers follow through!

The Greatest Crash Moments

+ The Angsty Artists voted from a list of the most significant Crash moments and here are the best of the best:

The Top 5 Angsty Moments

5. Neither Craig nor Ashley understands what's going on with Craig and his rollercoaster of emotions. Finally Craig reaches his breaking point and starts attacking Joey. As Ashley rushes in to try and find Craig, she sees his meltdown and helps pull him off Joey. Craig instantly grabs Ashley for comfort and as she pulls away, the tears start flowing. Together they kneel down on the ground and with their foreheads pressed together, Ashley tells him that they're going to get him help. It was heart wrenching and beautiful all at the same time.

4. Craig and Ashley still haven't dealt with his infidelity. Craig's trying to move on, but Ashley can't just forgive and forget. She goes out of her way to make sure he understands just how much pain he caused her, but Craig still didn't quite get it. Finally asking what he can do and how many times does he have to say he's sorry, Ashley responds "Until you mean it." This line is filled with all the hurt, heartache, angst and determination that Ashley has been feeling for months and it's the exact line that finally knocks some sense into Craig.

3. Craig made a huge mistake by cheating on Ashley, but at the time he didn't realize just how big a mistake it actually was. Ashley was also unaware of what exactly was going on behind her back until the news of Craig's infidelity is eventually broken to her. After finding out that Craig had been cheating on her, there was no way that Ashley could go on stage and perform a Christmas song about spending the holidays together. All of her pain was released through one giant slap that the entire school saw and that Craig was most definitely feeling for weeks to come.

2. This moment was inevitable due to Melissa McIntyre's leaving Degrassi, but for Craig, for Ashley and for the AA's, the pain was almost too much to bear. Ashley decides to leave for England and tells Craig that he can't come with her. It's a moment that still hasn't been resolved, but angst is what these two do best. An ending between these two without tears and heartache, would not be a Crash-worthy ending.

1. After a disastrous engagement announcement to Ashley's family, Craig and Ashley are torn apart. Nothing epitomizes the complete and utter angst that Craig and Ashley are feeling at this moment more than the vision of the two of them bawling simultaneously. As an inner battle between pain, confusion, need and yearning consumes the couple, the tears say it all. Even though they're apart, the connection that they have at this moment shows just how much they truly need each other


The Top Five Eye Sex Moments

5. It's a new season and a new start for old flames. Unexpectedly for the fans, Ashley bumps into Craig in the hallway and while Craig assumes Ashley decorated his locker for his birthday, Ashley is unable to speak. Rather than using words to reconnect with Craig, she is unable to do anything but stare. Craig returns her gaze as she slowly backs away. This powerful eye contact provided hope for fans of the couple and truly was a new start from the painful events of the previous year.

4. Ashley stood up to her family by bringing Craig to the wedding with her. In front of the entire wedding party and guests, Ashley mouthed the words "I love you" to Craig. An immediate flicker of excitement and pure bliss is displayed as Craig and Ashley stare deep into each other's eyes. Sure Craig's not exactly acting like himself and Kate is standing there frowning at their connection, but nothing takes away from the pure warmth and tenderness of this moment.

3. One of the biggest milestones in Crash's relationship was when Ashley decided to stick by her man after finding out about his life-altering illness. After reaffirming their love for each other, they lay still on Craig's hospital bed; hands clasped and gazed deep into each other's eyes. The freeze frame at the end of this episode exemplified the deep longing that their eyes exhibited even further.

2. It seemed unlikely midway through season 3 that Craig would ever be able to gain Ashley's forgiveness, but a song of honesty changed all that. Craig sang his heart out like there was no one else in the room, but Ashley. Ashley returned Craig's intense gaze and her eyes said "I forgive you". This was a scene that truly showed Craig and Ashley would eventually be able to move past all the dishonesty and heartache. It gave hope for the future.

1. It's a shame that the number 1 eye sex moment occurs within a deleted scene because the amount of emotion that Craig and Ashley show by a simple stare should not have ended up on the cutting room floor. It's a moment that reinforces the connection that these two have before they are officially back together and it shows just how much they want to be together. Too bad the other band members had to spoil the moment because the sexual tension in the room could be cut with a knife. Had the two not been interrupted, who knows where the moment could have led?

The Top 10 Squee-Worthy Moments

10. Craig hasn't been dealing with his father's death very well. Until the year-end dance he had been trying to ignore what happened, which is why he keeps his date with Ashley and enters them in the Luau King and Queen Contest. After winning the contest, Craig has a complete breakdown. Saddened by what Craig was going through, Ashley turns towards the doors and is about to leave. At that moment Craig shows up and walks slowly towards her. They share a beautiful last dance, as Craig tells Ashley that he's doing better, thus becoming one of Degrassi's newest couples.

9. As troubled times had caused Ashley to doubt herself and who she was, she began to change back into the person she used to be. This change didn't come through self-realization though; it came from the want of others. While most people welcomed Ashley's old appearance, Craig made it very clear that it's important to be who you are and to not change yourself for anyone because if they really loved her, they wouldn't want her to change. This was one of the first scenes where a real connection could be established between Craig and Ashley.

8. This deleted scene is one of Craig and Ashley's sweetest. Craig has been very insecure about Ashley leaving for London and has made it clear that he doesn't want her to go. In this scene they lay together on a couch as Craig gives her a journal as a going away present. More importantly he gives her comfort in knowing that he'll be okay and that their time apart won't seem that long after all.

7. Ashley's been standing up to her family about her feelings for Craig this entire episode. She even brings him to her father's wedding, much to her mother's dismay. During the ceremony as Ashley is standing up next to her father, she turns to Craig and in front of her mother and the entire wedding; she mouths the words "I love you". Craig's blissful sigh completes the connection.

6. Craig and Ashley have had a fairly innocent relationship up to this point. While their intimacy halts at making out, Craig feels he and Ashley should go all the way. Ashley's doubtful because Craig hasn't even told her that he loves her yet, so she decides that they need to take a break. Craig won't let that happen though and he writes her a song that finally expresses how he feels about her. This song marks the very first time that Craig tells Ashley he loves her and it couldn't have been more remarkable.

5. As if Craig and Ashley having sex wasn't enough of a treat for their fans, we got the most perfect after sex moments in Degrassi history. From the tilted painting on the wall to Craig's pants hanging on the lamp to tousled hair, our imaginations more than filled in the actual event. Ashley broke down to tears after losing her virginity, but she reaffirmed to Craig that she was happy. It also displayed that a Degrassi couple could have sex without having negative consequences attached, which is quite rare.

4. Things got tough for Craig and Ashley soon after they got back together. After a bunch of ups and downs, Craig ends up in the hospital with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Feeling down about his illness, Craig tells Ashley that he doesn't expect her to stay with him. It is at this point that their relationship could take turn for either the better or worse. Ashley confirms her love for Craig though and lies down next to him. She then utters the words Craig and Crash fans have been anxiously waiting to hear, that she's not leaving him.

3. While it was obvious what Craig's feelings for Ashley were when he rushed out of the studio to try and find her, it was less certain what Ashley's reaction to these feelings would be. Craig took a chance and laid it all on the line for her. Thinking he made a mistake, he sadly turns away from her. Ashley then pulls him back towards her and they share a picturesque kiss. This kiss symbolizes s a new start for the couple after a long-awaited reunion.

2. Although it had been obvious to AA fans for the longest time, it took this moment of realization for Craig to come to the conclusion that "everything…it was all about Ashley". He ran out of the music studio, temporarily costing Craig the loss of his musical dreams, as well as his band mates, in order to declare his love for Ashley. He had lost her once before, and the tremendous growth of Craig's maturity in this action displayed that he was finally ready for a relationship filled with true love.

1. This is the moment Crash fans dreamt about. Ashley sums up the event as "kind of perfect" and we couldn't agree more. Craig went above and beyond expectations by making their first time beautiful and memorable. As he uncovered her eyes to reveal their initials spelled out in flower petals, bouquets scattered throughout the room, delectable snacks, and a precautionary two beds, it was inevitable that our swoons were heard 'round the world. Craig and Ashley's first time? More than perfect.

To view these moments and see just why they made the list, click here!

And to see the top 5 musical moments, click here!


The Mix: Crash 100


By Laura Veirs

+When we kiss, when we kiss
Bears and boulders vibrate through the air
Gravity is dead you see///

{A: So what do you think?
C: I think you're brilliant!!
A: Your song is brilliant}
+Neutron Dance


by Kim Carnes

+She's precocious, and she knows just
What it takes to make a pro blush
All the boys think she's a spy
She's got Bette Davis eyes///

{C: Everything okay? *holds up his phone* Your uh, your text was all in caps.
A: Yeah I just, I figured we should talk before rehearsal, about yesterday.
Cr: Right. Okay. Well it sort of took me by surprise.
A: Yeah join the club.
C: So you're confused too?
A: You know maybe we were just uh, reaching for something familiar.
Given Jimmy, everything that's happened.
C: Oh, never thought of that.
A: We have been doing great as friends right?
C: Right and who'd wanna screw that up?
A: Yeah, who would?
C: Good. Great. Good. I'm glad we got that settled.
A: Yeah well at least we still have the band.
C: Yeah}
+Neutron Dance


By State of Man

+Be Still My Heart
I want you to know
I'm coming home again
One of these days///

A: Did you just say rocked out?
C: Hey no lip or I'll smother you in sweat.
A: I'm gonna miss you so much.
C: But, the show went really great!
A: There was a moment up there when I just thought to myself
I have nothing left to prove.
I'm ready to go to England and try some new things.
C: Alright.
A: You know I've wanted to go since I was a kid.
C: Since you saw Mary Poppins, I know. It's great, it's really great}
+West End Girls


By Yellowcard

+I'm falling into memories of you and things we used to do
Follow me there
A beautiful somewhere
A place that I can share with you///

{A: Thank you so much for doing this.
C I love you.
A: And thank you so much for saying that.
Perfect I love you too}
+Voices Carry


By Bloc Party

+And our love could have soared
Over playgrounds and rooftops
Every park bench screams your name
I kept your tie///

{C: What if we show that? And play it for what's really going on...or not?
A: No, totally. I'm just so glad we're on the same page.
C: Yeah. Kwan's gonna regret pairing us}
+Dressed In Black


By Relient K

+I can not wait for a new improved way
To let you know you're more to me than what I know how to say
You're ok with the way this is going to be
Cause this is going to be the best thing we've ever seen///

{C: Ash. I wanna be your boyfriend.
A: Of course. We went through this a couple months ago remember?
C: I want to be that boyfriend not the oooohh,
not the crazy guy you got to save all the time.
I want to talk about music and movies and yes, goulash!}
+Secret Part 1


By Plain White T's

+Well I didn't mean for this to go as far as it did
And I didn't mean to get so close and share what we did
And I didn't mean to fall in love, but I did
And you didn't mean to love me back, but I know you did///

{C: Oh Joey, remember Ashley? The bad influence?
A: It was burning a hole in your pocket. I was trying to help!
C: Well uh she MADE me do this!
A: Did not!}
+Ghost In the Machine


By Ani Difranco

+We can't fight gravity on a planet that insists
That love is like falling
And falling is like this///

{Ellie: She cares about you. A lot.
C: I know}
+Secret Part 1


By The Elected

+It was love
To us, it was all that we had
And there's just a day when you just break
The best thing you had
And I still call it love///

{C: So year end dance…you going?
A: Uh I'm on the committee, remember?
C: No I meant with anyone.
A: Oh. No.
C: Me neither. Should we go together?
A: Yeah we should}
+Tears Are Not Enough


By Aqualung

+What a feeling in my soul
Love burns brighter than sunshine
It's brighter than sunshine
Let the rain fall, I don't care///

{A: It's a ring.
C: Yeah um, it was my mothers.
A: So it's your mothers ring}
+Voices Carry


By Lifehouse

+You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall.
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away.
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?///

{A: But you're okay?
C: I'm crazy Ash.
A: You're not crazy.
C: Maybe you should go.
A: I don't want to.
I'm not leaving Craig.
C: The first time we dated was a disaster.
This time was a nuclear.
A: We're not over.
C: So you're here with me?
A: Absolutely}
+Voices Carry


By Oasis

+Because maybe
You're gonna be the one who saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall///

{C: This is amazing.
A: I know.
C: I want to bottle this.
Get drunk on it for the rest of my life.
A: I so, so love you}
+Voices Carry


By Boys Like Girls

+I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation; what Im feeling inside///

{C: I like airports.
People saying hellos, goodbyes, I love yous…
A: Did you just-?
C: I only say it at airports!}
+Voices Carry


By James

+Moved out of the house, so you moved next door
I locked you out, you cut a hole in the wall
I found you sleeping next to me, I thought I was alone
You're driving me crazy, when are you coming home///

{A: I'm sorry. I'm happy really, just I don't know
overwhelmed. Keep talking please.
C: Okay, let's just uh, let's just take off.
Get an apartment. Anywhere. Vancouver}
+Voices Carry


Performed By Tori Amos, Written by The Cure

+Whatever words I say,
You know I'll always love you.
Oh, I will always love you///

{Ashley! Wait, listen. I've been thinking about things
between us and I respect you too much
for things to keep going on like this.
And you're not shouting at me.
I'm gonna take that as a good sign}
+Craig in Rock and Roll High School


By Abra Moore

+If you feel too much
Do you start to panic
When your word comes out
Do you trip on love///

{C: Goth luau, cool.
A: I thought it'd set us apart.
C: And you know keep your dignity intact,
until we start to limbo of course}
+Tears Are Not Enough


By Dido

+I will go down with this ship
And I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door
I'm in love and always will be///

{Craig and I are back together.
That's it. I'm really happy}
+Ashley in Voices Carry

+ Crash and Jaitlin: The True Power Couples, A Generation Apart

Rarely on television shows do we come across two fully developed couples that compliment each other nearly twenty years apart, but lucky for us, the pairings of Craig Manning and Ashley Kerwin, and their older counterparts, Joey Jeremiah and Caitlin Ryan, are that rare. Whether overcoming the obstacles that come about by way of giving into temptation or sharing in mutual appreciation for one another, Crash and Jaitlin represent what a true power couple is: confronting everything together no matter the consequences; understanding and appreciating each other's differences; wishing each other well despite the distance. Below, you will find these qualities displayed through comparisons of the two sets of star-crossed lovers. As goes without saying, we love them both, ship them both, and hope for more with both couples.

Keeping Up With The Cute Girl

Joey Jeremiah, though drawn to hot girl with a reputation Liz, started noticing Caitlin when he was held back a year. Quiet, smart, sweet Caitlin was the total contrast to loud, smart-aleck, loveably clueless Joey. They worked together on a class assignment, and though Caitlin was up for dating him, Joey saw her only as a friend. However, later, his mood shifted, and he became interested in her. He'd ask his friends if they thought Caitlin was cute, made small talk with her, and eventually asked her to the year-end dance.

Craig Manning, Joey's stepson, came onto the show with an initial interest in Manny Santos, cute, bubbly seventh grader. Later on that year, though, he started noticing Ashley, leaning on lockers to talk with her, telling Joey about her now and again, signing her petition as an envious Manny watched. They also worked on a class assignment, with Craig showing Ashley that a boy should love a girl for who she is. Performing a riveting scene from Taming of the Shrew, the two bonded enough to go from study buddies to Craig asking Ashley to the year-end dance. Ashley played a key role in helping Craig deal with his deceased, abusive father. Despite the dark drama that accompanied only CrAsh, the leap from not being interested to study partners to dating is noticeable. Casual, aww-worthy interaction and hints of romance were present in the two couples, resulting in steady, cute build-up.

Gentlemanly Ways and Mutual Understanding

Likeable Joey wasn't always considerate. Truth be told, he'd sooner yell at Melanie for showing her bra strap than open a door for a lady. But things change, and perhaps one of the most iconic images of Degrassi Junior High is when Joey goes into the school, solely to retrieve Caitlin's jacket as the school burns down. Joey also opened doors for her, purchased her flowers, and made every effort to be a decent boyfriend. He'd always try to understand her interests, even if he didn't always get them. Caitlin, in turn, appreciated Joey's light-heartedness, and believed he could do anything he set his mind to, including dealing with a learning disability. This continued into the new series, with an adult Joey pushing Caitlin to pursue her dreams, which would eventually be their undoing.

Craig, too, wasn't a perfect gentleman. He'd make snarky comments regarding Ashley's lyrics, or snap at her occasionally. However, it was always short-lived. Like Joey retrieving Caitlin's coat, we won't soon forget Craig decorating the hotel room for Ashley or him serenading her in SISOSIG or RRHS. When it all came down to it, like his stepfather, Craig learned how to be more considerate because of his first love. Craig encouraged Ashley's music, and eventually her decision to go to England, though it took him awhile. Ashley, mirroring Caitlin, loved Craig's playfulness, loosened up around him, and stood by him in the initial stages of his bipolarity. The successors to Jaitlin, they too were driven apart by the female half leaving to pursue a job. Both men were very supportive of their girlfriends, through words and actions, complete with some of the show's most romantic moments.

The Dreaded Triangles

In Degrassi history, there are two incredibly memorable triangles, triangles that are still talked about years after airing. Those two triangles are: Caitlin/Joey/Tessa, and Ashley/Craig/Manny.

Tessa Campanelli always had a thing for older guy Joey, pursued him, and they slept together because of Joey's hormones. Joey knew it was a mistake due to his strong relationship with Caitlin, and Tessa definitely regretted it, especially after she learned she was pregnant, getting an abortion. Needless to say, the affair caused a rift between Jaitlin, resulting in more than a decade of angst. Caitlin felt as if she could never trust Joey again. That didn't stop sparks from flying when they came to Toronto for Degrassi's high school reunion, even if Caitlin was engaged to a smarmy film director. That engagement ended abruptly, and we were treated to a beautifully developed friendship. But we knew Jaitlin wouldn't stay friends for long. In Holiday, Jaitlin has a stolen kiss, reigniting past feelings, and the two share a beautiful reunion at an airport during Christmas. Luckily for us, Crash didn't have to wait that long.

Manny Santos fell for Craig right from the get-go, doggedly went after him despite his relationship with Ashley, and the two slept together on a night where Craig was very much confused. He decided to keep the affair with Manny going, with Ashley unaware of the fling. Ashley soon realizes what's going on, and understandably dumps Craig. The affair with Manny, like Joey/Tessa, results in an unplanned pregnancy, with Manny getting an abortion. Coming to figure out how much he hurt Ashley, Craig wants and earns her forgiveness months later by singing an apologetic song to her in front of the whole school. The song also earns them free demo time. On the first day of the following school year, Craig hopes Ashley will be up to talking, and after some awkwardness, they start to rebuild their friendship. Unsurprisingly, the friendship starts to blossom into something else, with Craig ultimately giving up the demo time to be with Ashley in a sun-lit, adorable reunion outside a studio. Careful, beautifully written, and believable, the affairs and the reunions were incredibly similar, yet original in their own ways. That said, the two relationships that were developed post-affair were Crash and Jaitlin, leaving Tessa and Manny out of the equation. We don't wonder why.

First Times and Other Subtle Moments

Both Caitlin and Ashley wanted to lose their virginity to the right men at the right time. Craig and Joey lost theirs due to hormones with girls they weren't in love with. It's easy to see why the first times of Crash and Jaitlin were different than Jessa/Cranny, with heightened emotion, meaningful dialogue, and memorable scenes. Joey and Craig were tender and attentive to the girls, and Caitlin and Ashley were emotional, with no regrets.

The physical tenderness is also on display in other ways: the way the boys let the girls' heads rest on their shoulders, laying on a couch together, playing drums on Joey's head or running fingers through Craig's curls.....the list is endless. We're all the more appreciative for these subtle signs of attraction. They've never been in-your-face or forced; no, they're natural and sweet.

Powerful Proposals

Marriage has been a subject the two couples have confronted, within one season. In the midst of a manic episode, Craig proposes marriage to Ashley, who declines. The next day, Ashley does accept, although she doesn't want to immediately get married. Craig spills to the beans at Mr. Kerwin's wedding, causing Ashley to get upset. The proposal was botched, but at the end of the day, Crash was more in love than ever.

At the graduation party of the old series, Joey proposes to Caitlin, who rejects him, even though she loves him. It's a decision very similar to Crash in Voices Carry. This isn't the only Jaitlin proposal. In DTNG, a drunken Caitlin proposed to Joey after kissing Kevin Smith, later regretting her decision. It's not that she doesn't love Joey; she's just not ready. After coming to the conclusion that they fight too much, the proposal's off. The episode still ends on Jaitlin, suggesting love hasn't been lost. Though the marriage proposals went south, they're still the only two to get that privilege, and the writers never took away from their relationship with the close of the episodes.

Their Good-byes

One of the more stressful qualities the two girls share is their need to run. Caitlin and Ashley have each struggled with staying put and making it work with one guy, despite how much they love Joey and Craig. This quality resulted in the girls, noticeably, leaving at the same time to pursue job opportunities in L.A. and London, leaving heartbroken Joey and Craig back in Toronto.

Terribly bittersweet, each girl told them they loved them before leaving, asking for space. The guys had no choice but to move on, though their next relationships paled in comparison with the writers failing to develop season 5's Joey/Diane or Craig/Manny in the same way. We know where their hearts really lie, with the women who left them behind.

We Refuse to Say It's The End

Never mind the recent choices made by the writers. Whenever we hear news of Pat, Stacie, Melissa, or Jake E., we wait anxiously to see if these two fine couples will return to interact once more. The chemistry suggests they aren't done; the relationships have yet to be matched; their storylines have stuck with us. We believe both their endings were left open, for more scenes of angst, light-heartedness, friendship, or romance.

Though we love the original elements of the couples, we're glad the writers make a nod to Jaitlin with our Angsty Artists, showing that not only can one story be told twice, but it can be told twice well. What was it that Joey said? "Ah, young love", he says of Crash, and then for himself and Caitlin, "not so young love". You tell 'em, Jeremiah!

+ Melissa McIntyre & Jake Epstein

Crash would not be the power couple that they are without Melissa McIntyre and Jake Epstein behind the characters.
They bring life, emotion, and talent to the roles, and we couldn't be more thankful for the casting choices of Craig and Ashley.

Melissa Erin McIntyre is "a fantastic actress. unbelievably talented. very sweet. nice, genuine person. down to earth. very spontaneous. a really fun girl."

Biography: Melissa explored her talents from a very young age. She went from singing in her crib to singing in front of an audience at the age of 7 as a contestant in a beauty contest. This helped to bring her out of her shell and led to Melissa's love of the stage. She soon began exercising her acting and singing talents through musical theatre performances. It was during her stint as the lead character in The Secret Garden that an agent was informed of Melissa's role and came to sign her to their agency. Not long after this move into the professional field of acting, Melissa received the word that she was going to audition for Degrassi: The Next Generation. Originally Melissa auditioned for the role of Paige Michalchuk, but it became very clear to the producers that there was another role that Melissa fit perfectly, which happened to be the role of Ashley Kerwin. Upon hearing the news that she had been cast in the part, Melissa cried tears of joy.

Melissa McIntyre has now been an integral part of Degrassi: TNG for 5 seasons. As one of the lead characters from the very first season, Ashley was introduced as a popular, intelligent and overachieving 8th grader. Her character has gone on a tremendous journey from that first season, not to mention more hair and style changes than any other character, and Melissa has made the transitions and storylines completely believable. More than believable, Melissa adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to the character that makes fans want to know more about her. Throughout this journey Melissa's acting has been showcased through various storylines and many ups and downs. The challenging storylines truly began when Ashley experimented with drugs during the first season. This offset a series of dramatic events including being outcast from her friends, falling into a depressed state after being cheated on and dealing with Craig's bipolarity. Melissa is able to handle these challenging storylines with ease, charisma, and an overall likeability. Not only do they showcase her strengths in acting, but the producers and writers made sure to focus on the musical talents of Ashley. Melissa was so excited when she found out she was going to sing on Degrassi. It not only allowed her to showcase these talents, but it allowed her to work collaboratively with the producers and music executives. Melissa has said that the most therapeutic thing that she can do is to shut herself off in a room and sing. The passion that she has for music adds so much depth to the artistic elements within Ashley. Because of this musical talent, a knack for the dramatics and a very relatable personality, Ashley Kerwin is one of the most interesting and entertaining characters on Degrassi: TNG. It is because of Melissa, though, that the character of Ashley really comes to life.

Jacob Lee Epstein is "so funny. so talented. very sincere. amazing musician. so relaxed. gifted. great person to hang out with. chillin'."

Biography: Jake also became active with the arts at a young age. He developed an acting bug by becoming involved with plays and local drama productions. Jake then moved from the stage to in front of the camera. His first large acting gig preceding a couple small film roles was on a TV show called The Zack Files. After finishing a couple seasons of The Zack Files came the call for a Degrassi audition. When Jake heard the news that they were casting a role for a brooding teen bad boy with an interesting background, he decided that he really wanted to audition for it. After some callbacks and auditions with the current cast members, Jake was able to dance with joy at the news of being cast.

Jake joined Degrassi: TNG during the second season of the show and fans immediately welcomed him into the Degrassi family. It didn't hurt that he had the looks and charm of an absolute heartthrob. There was so much more behind him though, than just his heartthrob status. The very first episode that Jake was a part of, he was given the lead storyline, which focused on the subject matter of parental abuse. The challenging storylines that Jake was given didn't end there. Throughout the years, Craig has had to deal with the death of his father, the fallout from his cheating ways, discovering his bipolarity, and most recently an addiction to cocaine. With each of these issues, Jake has handled the serious topics believably and with heart. He performed these storylines so well that it even won him a Gemini award in 2003. Not only does Jake have a knack for the dramatics, but his talent for making his character loveable is pretty remarkable. Jake's acting is so heartfelt that he makes fans want to root for Craig, no matter how much of a jerk he is being. Among these artistic gifts, Jake is a fantastic musician. He plays many different instruments, though his instrument of choice is the guitar, and is overall very involved with music. The producers decided to use these talents in the show and slowly developed an interest of music in Craig. Throughout the years Jake has been able to sing, play guitar and perform in plenty of episodes. His talent is obvious and it lies in many areas. The writers have been smart enough showcase his talents and because of this, Craig's popularity only continues to grow. There is no doubt that Craig would not be the leading man that he is today without Jake's talent, charm and charisma.

As individuals, Melissa and Jake are two of the most talented actors to ever be a part of the Degrassi franchise. As on-screen partners, the chemistry and realism that they project are off the charts. There is a natural ease between these two that could be observed from the moment they started having scenes together. A comfort level like theirs seems as though it would only be developed after a long period of time, but a similar wavelength was established from the very beginning of their character's interactions. These two characters connected and through Degrassi specials and off-screen interviews, it's easy to see why. Melissa and Jake's close friendship is one of the greatest reasons as to why the Crash relationship comes across as so believable on screen. Melissa has described herself and Jake as "really good friends" and this is shown through their characters. Not only are these two actors' good friends, but their respect for each other's craft is so completely apparent. To have such an enormous amount of respect for your scene partner helps push both actors so that their best work comes across on-screen. This also helps the audience to believe in what they are seeing when they know that the actors are getting caught up in their scenes. As Jake has said, there's something between them that is so real. The realism that Melissa and Jake bring to the Crash relationship is a huge reason as to why the coupling is so popular. Melissa and Jake also share a similar range within their acting styles. Both actors have been given material that allows them to showcase various emotions; from happy to sad to furious and everything in between, they've done it all. Their acting abilities are so strong that the writers were never afraid to give them material that showed off the depth of these emotions. It's no mystery as to why Jake and Melissa were paired together for so many years. They provide a perfect balance for each other's characters and positively enhance the other's work so well, that they are an unbeatable combination.

+ Celebrating the Wedding of Craig and Ashley

{This event is a long time coming, and Craig and Ashley want to make sure everyone will be there
to celebrate their offical passing to Mr. and Mrs. Manning, will you be there?}

{With this ring, I thee wed.}

rings. wedding dress. boquet. veil. tiara. bridesmaids dresses. flower girl dress. basket. ring bearer pillow. tuxedos. wedding party. maid of honor. bridesmaids. best man. groomsmen. ushers. ring bearer. flower girl. guest list. invitation. registry. first song. band. dances. menu. cake. cake toppers. champagne glasses. ceremony. reception. honeymoon. floral arrangement. centerpiece. vows. something old. something new. something borrowed. something blue. garter. theme. colors. cornflower blue. white.}

{I, Craig, take you, Ashley, for my lawful wife,
to have and to hold, from this day forward,
for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and health, until death do us part.}

{I, Ashley, take you,
Craig, for my lawful husband,
to have and to hold, from this day forward,
for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,
in sickness and health, until death do us part."

Wedding Fanfiction
Lovesong - A wedding fic by Nicole (Kaleidocat)
I Hear a Symphony - A honeymoon fic by Nikki

Gift Registry
1. Hazel: Towels
2. Paige: Bedding
3. Aunt Sally- Iron and Ironing Board
4. Simpson/Nelson family: Microwave
5. Toby: Toaster
6. Marco and Dylan: Cappuchino Machine
7. Kate and Jeff: Dishes
8. Ellie: Guitar Strings and Record Player
9. Joey, Caitlin, Angie, and Madison: Floor Lamp
10. Grandma: Blender
11. Christopher and Robert: Mixer
12. Spinner: Garden Gnomes
13. Jimmy: Wine Glasses
14. Sean: Doormat
15. Emma: Placemats
16. Terri: Charm
17. Leigh: Tea/Coffee Set
18. Joa: Pilon
19. Ria: Magic Bullet
20. Diana: LOST DVDS: Season 1 and 2
21. Katie: Camcorder
22. Kathy: Dinosaur Lamp
23. Soeshie: Outdoor Speakers
24. Nikki: Hot Air Ballon Ride
25. Carli: Karaoke Machine
26. Johnnie: JukeBox
27. Lindsey: Flatware
28. Mary: Patio Set
29. Michele: Cookware
30. Jen: DVD Recorder
31. Callie: DVD Collection of Julie Andrews' Movies
32. Melanie: Record Player Radio
33. Nicole: Automatic Cat Litter Box

Cat Included, see conversation:
Craig: "I saw the coolest thing on an informercial last night. An automatic cat litter box."
Ashley: "I'm not putting it on the wedding registry. We don't have a cat, Craig."
Nicole: "Everyone should have a cat."
Craig: "Come on Ash, you don't have to scoop the poop. It does it for you!"
Ashley: "You don't think it would scare the cat? Ever used one of those toilets that flush automatically and you don't know it's about to flush?"
Nicole: "It waits for the cat to finish."
Craig: "How does it know?"
Nicole: "It just does. Let's go get a cat."
Craig: "Yay for kitties!"
Ashley: "But we don't have a litter box."
Craig: "We'll get a regular one."
Ashley: "What was the purpose of this conversation then?"

{Please click to view the pages full size}

Craig and Ashley

Guest List and Wedding Party

Wedding Dress and Wedding Pictures

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Ushers and Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

Groom's and Bride's Families

Honeymoon and Wedding Location

Wedding Rings and Arrangments

Bouquets and Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue...

Cake and Music



And they lived happliy ever after...

+ Just how talented are the Angsty Artists? Take a look at this stunning artwork!

{C: You ready?
A: Yeah. For real.}
+Dressed in Black

{A: Look I know what you meant
about this not being easy and if you'd be
willing to give me one more chance.
C: You want me back?
A: More than anything. Thank you so much. I love you.
C: I love you.}
+Should I Stay or Should I Go?

{A: Do you want to stay over?
C: What?
A: Tonight after everybody leaves. Us, some music, my bed¡¦
C: Are you serious?
A: Completely. }
+Should I Stay or Should I Go?

C: Okay so I'm thinking we put Ang
to bed at eight. Joey won't get back
until like at least midnight and uh we've
got the house pretty much to ourselves.
A: Missing the beach not so bad after all!}

{Marco: Look Craig you obviously love Ash, okay?
So just tell her already. I mean it's stupid.
C: It's not! Look I don't want to lose her.
I just, I can't¡¦I can't just tell her.
Marco: Well if you don't, then you've lost her already.}
+Should I Stay or Should I Go?

{C: I'm gonna miss you this weekend.
No flirting with uh you know Montreal boys, okay?
A: I'm taking Ellie for some R and R. She's had a hard time
and she's definitely not shopping for guys and
neither am I, 'cause I've got the cutest one there is.}
+Against All Odds

{A: I just wish I could do something for him you know?
Terri: You can't, not really. I know firsthand. My mom, remember?
A: I know, but I'm gonna try.}
+Tears Are Not Enough

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Special thanksto: Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Melissa McIntyre, Jake Epstein, everyone else
involved with Degrassi: The Next Generation and Epitome Pictures, and of course the Angsty
Artists who spent so many months putting all of this together, as well as keeping the Crash love
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