Troubled, artistic, and passionate, Craig Manning has twice the angst of any other eighteen-year old. Whether it’s being the center of love triangles or struggling with his bipolarity, or his recent cocaine addiction, Craig’s life is plagued with problems. Yet, despite his dark past, which includes an abusive father and a mother who died of cancer, Craig has somehow maintained a great sense of humor and a romantic spirit. He's learned how to be a great stepson to Joey Jeremiah, a good brother to Angie Jeremiah, and a loving boyfriend. His songs have earned him the admiration of ex Manny Santos, the appreciation of BFF Ellie Nash, and the love of Ashley Kerwin, the other half of Degrassi’s power couple. Even when he’s most cocky and breaking the hearts of girls, this heartthrob still oozes charm and personality, and we always manage to forgive him.

Craig's Journal Entries:
When Doves Cry 1
When Doves Cry 2
When Doves Cry 3
When Doves Cry 4
Drive 1
Drive 2
Take My Breath Away
Dressed In Black
Tears Are Not Enough 1
Tears Are Not Enough 2
Tears Are Not Enough 3
Father Figure
U Got The Look
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Against All Odds
Accidents Will Happen
Rock 'n Roll High School
Ghost In The Machine
Neutron Dance
Voices Carry
Moonlight Desires
West End Girls
Goin' Down The Road 1
Goin' Down The Road 2

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