Degrassi’s resident chameleon, Ashley Kerwin is a combination of mysterious beauty, strong compassion, and creative expression. These traits have lead to appreciation from Jimmy Brooks and Sean Cameron, and love from Craig Manning. Throughout her transformations from teacher’s pet to goth girl to rocker chick to vintage princess, she’s channeled her thoughts into lyrics, both poetic and musical, all while being a soundboard for Craig and her friends in times of need. While she does have a penchant for not confronting certain issues in her life, it makes her more real as she grows into her own person, learning from her mistakes. Her family life has been altered, by both her father coming out to her and remarrying, along with Kate’s recent relationship with boyfriend Jeff, but Ashley rolled with the punches and found her place in each. In season 4, the formerly moody poet lightened up and opened herself up to love again with Craig before jetting to England. Once returning, she also has an altered attitude, more care-free, and even though her relationship with Craig hasn’t been addressed, we know she’ll always be in the front row, cheering him on because it’s in her nature.

Ashley's Journal Entries:
Mother and Child Reunion
Family Politics 1
Family Politics 2
Parents Day
Mating Game
Basketball Diaries
Secrets and Lies
Coming of Age
Rumors and Repuations
Cabret 1
Cabret 2
Jagged Little Pill 1
Jagged Little Pill 2
When Doves Cry
Karma Chameleon
Drive 1
Drive 2
Dressed In Black 1
Dressed In Black 2
Dressed In Black 3
Fight For Your Right 1
Fight For Your Right 2
Tears Are Not Enough 1
Tears Are Not Enough 2
Father Figure
Should I Stay Or Should I Go? 1
Should I Stay or Should I Go? 2
Accidents Will Happen
Rock 'n Roll High School
I Want Candy
Ghost In The Machine
Neutron Dance
Voices Carry 1
Voices Carry 2
West End Girls
Goin' Down The Road